one month old scanner not functioning

  Revi 08:12 15 Feb 2003

My scanner hp scanjet 3500c has stopped working. The fault could either lie with the power adapter, or with the scanner itself or the usb connector. The scanner does not have any indicator lamp anywhere at all so that there is no way I could check if the scanner is getting any power. There are only 3 buttons in front of the scanner and nothing else. When it used to work if I pressed any one button then it would give out the usual robotic noises. Now nothing happens when I press the buttons. Before giving it over to the shop for repair I would like to be satisfied that the problem is not of a type that I could myself rectify. Any suggestions please ?

  -pops- 08:23 15 Feb 2003

As it's so young, don't mess about with it yourself. The retailer has an obligation to sell you a product that works for a reasonable length of time - one month isn't reasonable with an item like this. Complain to your supplier. Don't let them fob you off with anything like "nothing to do with them, contact the manufacturer". Your contract is with the retailer and it is THEIR responsibility to put it right.


  BBez 09:21 15 Feb 2003

should get a year's hassle free support from the shop that sold you it..

  Andsome 09:44 15 Feb 2003

DO NOT ACCEPT A REPAIR. Ask for a replacement or a refund. Do not be fobbed off, this is your right under comsumer law.

  Stokey 09:51 15 Feb 2003

Further to advice already received -- before doing anything check your drivers have not become corrupt. This can easily happen with scanners. If they are OK then, yes, take it back!

  Revi 18:27 15 Feb 2003

Million thanks! I took your advice and re-installed the driver and repaired the errors and now it works perfectly. I am immensely grateful for the advice otherwise I would have to leave the scanner at the shop and thus would have wasted a few days or perhaps weeks unnecessarily.

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