One for a midnight ponder?

  jospar 00:14 12 Oct 2003

Does windows leave behind data on a hard drive when uninstalled, that can't be removed so that it reduces the available space i.e over time and several reformats a 60 gig hard drive, can only use 20 gigs of this?

My personal thinking on this is I DON'T THINK SO!

But I know a chap who does!

This has been told to my ex-hubby, who's mate built his computer for him, which has always been unstable, and needing constant reformatting, every time his mate would return the computer and explainer that the hard drive had shrunk again, with the above explanation!

Apart for this one explanation I have never heard windows getting the blame, and I have reformatted a hard drive many a time, with out the loss of space, the only exception being the time when I couldn't use all of my large hard drive BIOS wouldn't allow it, and it took time to work out how to get it back, when I changed motherboards.

Has any one else heard of this?

I have now sorted this out and overhauled his computer for him, with 60 gigs of space available, and it hasn't crashed once since its return.

  fitfella29 00:18 12 Oct 2003

windows leaves data on the drive when it uninstalls programs but not when it reformatts itself.

when u reformat u should have the full storage space of the hd give or take a few gigs.

  Peter 00:24 12 Oct 2003


Perhaps the hard disk had some bad sectors which were being locked out with each reformat or perhaps he was re-partitioning the disk each time and formatting the new partition.


  Djohn 00:36 12 Oct 2003

When I installed my new drives a couple of weeks back, I installed and re-formated the C drive six times over the weekend. [Trial/error and testing of best set-up] Always returned to full space after each format, not one single bit lost. j.

  Terrahawk 00:54 12 Oct 2003

i have formatted many a drive over the years and never experienced loss of space the only cause for loss of space would be bad sectors but 40gig is an awfull lot of bad sectors sounds more like a partition

  Belatucadrus 00:57 12 Oct 2003

Hard drives shrinking on reformat ? never happened to me and I've got an old desktop and a laptop that have been reformatted several times. They've never lost any space, never mind two thirds of original capacity. I would think Peters second suggestion most likely as I doubt any disk could have 2/3 of it's area bad sectored without actually failing.

  jospar 01:01 12 Oct 2003

That what I thought at first or prehaps a BIOS problem, but when I checked these where all o.k. At first I tried a format with windows fdisk, but this would only format the partition.

So downloaded the diskmanager for the hard drive, and the enabled me to get the BIOS to show the whole hard drive, but it wouldn't allow me to format using this (strange most do)so went back to fdisk and this time it showed both the partiontioned part of the drive and the empty bit, and then it was a cause of removing the usable partition, and the recreating a partiton of the whole drive again, and reformating.

  jospar 13:34 12 Oct 2003

I've just had a quick look at the website, puts you off windows some what!

Mind you look into the depth of my machine, and more and likely you're find a sad person!!

But I have a couple of rota days off work, so I might just have a little look around, to see how sad I really am?

But the only sure fire way of completely removing data from hard drive insuring that it can't be recovered, is to take hard drive out, find a local foundry and pop it into there furnace, should to the trick?

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