One laptop, two connections to the router

  MJTB 11:34 03 Jun 2009

I've searched and googled for an answer on this, but no joy.

I hope that someone here can give me a definitive result.

We have a Virgin Cable modem connected to a relatively cheap Netgear router with Ethernet and wireless connections.

One of the housemates insists on connecting to the router via Ethernet AND wirelessly at the same time.

We have an intermittent problem with the router whereby it crashes the modem and we have to reboot the system. It only happens when all 4 Ethernet connections (plus his additional wireless) are used.

Is it advisable to connect from one laptop to the router in two different ways?

  Technotiger 11:53 03 Jun 2009

Is it advisable to connect from one laptop to the router in two different ways? .........

No! One connection one laptop.

  keef66 11:56 03 Jun 2009

Have you asked him why? It does sound unneccessary. Do you have any documentation for the router; it may only support 4 devices and it's getting confused.

At work we have wireless but when my laptop is in it's docking station and therefore connected to the wired network that seems to take precedence. It's quicker anyway. Not sure about home; I'll give it a go tonight with both the work lappy and our own, and see what happens

  Technotiger 12:14 03 Jun 2009

For further confirmation ... click here

  ambra4 12:53 03 Jun 2009

You should not have both the LAN and Wireless on the same PC connect at the same time.

as this causes conflict within the router

Toshiba new laptops now disconnect the Wireless card automatically if an Ethernet cable is

connected to the Lan card port; also if the wireless card is connected the Lan card port is

automatically disconnected

  MJTB 15:05 03 Jun 2009

Thanks for the feedback.

I was pretty sure that is was wrong, now I have 3rd party input I can unplug his Ethernet!


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