One laptop on home network with router

  heidelberg 13:03 10 Nov 2015

We have one desktop and two laptops on the home network, all running Windows 10. Yesterday the router (BT Home Hub 5) restarted itself and since then my laptop cannot connect to the router. The other laptop and the desktop (which is hard wired to the router) are both fine and working normally, as are a tablet and 2 smart phones.

I have googled until I'm blue in the face and tried a variety of suggestions and none of them have worked, and most of them are beyond my somewhat limited understanding! My laptop still does not connect to the router. However it will connect to the internet via BT WiFi with Fon, though it cannot see anything on the home network.

If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly apprecieted.


  heidelberg 13:10 10 Nov 2015

Apologies - the heading/title for this post should read One laptop on home network will not connect with router

  Secret-Squirrel 16:06 10 Nov 2015

I have googled until I'm blue in the face and tried a variety of suggestions and none of them have worked,

It's difficult to know what to suggest because you haven't told us what you've tried already but here's what I'd try first:

1) Simply turn your router off then on again. I appreciate that your other wireless devices are working fine but there's still a chance it'll help.

2) Click the Start button -> Settings -> Network & Internet -> Manage Wifi Settings -> Manage Known Networks. Click on the BT connection that's playing up, click on "Forget", then try reconnecting again.

Let me know how you get on please.

  heidelberg 16:35 10 Nov 2015

Secret-Squirrel many thanks for your suggestions which I had already tried without success

However I have just managed to solve the problem by doing the following:

Right click start button

Open Command Prompt (Admin) and RUN the commands below one by one, pressing enter after each one.

ipconfig /release ipconfig /all ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /renew

netsh int ip set dns netsh winsock reset

Now Restart your computer.

That’s what worked for me!.


  Secret-Squirrel 17:36 10 Nov 2015

I'm surprised that any of that worked because you had no problems connecting to BT WiFi with Fon. Anyhow, I'm pleased it's fixed and thanks for returning with your feedback.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:41 10 Nov 2015

.......Now Restart your computer...........

Ah, that may have been what fixed it and it's something I should have suggested earlier. Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 (and 8) is prone to corruption and a simple restart can fix all manner of problems. Note that shutting down and turning the computer back on is not sufficient - one needs to use the "Restart" power option.

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