One Hardrive, 2 O/S

  [email protected]® 16:55 27 Jul 2005

Don't ask why but I want to split my hardrive and have the choice of O/S (experimenting, learning etc). I did it yesterday and had XP Pro on 'C' and put 2000 on 'D'. All was going well but when I shutdown and restarted and it gave me the option of whether I wanted to go in XP or 2000 it would only let me go into 2000.

When I selected XP it says there was an error on 2000 (missing DLL or something) and would not go any further. Yet when I select 2000 it boots up and runs no problem.

Why won't it let me go into XP? Surely when loading 2000 on to 'D' it shouldn't have effected it should it.

  ventanas 17:03 27 Jul 2005

Probably corrupted the mbr. XP needs to be the final OS loaded. click here for info on how to fix it.

  [email protected]® 17:07 27 Jul 2005

Ok if 2000 needs to be 'C' and XP 'D' how do I go about that? At this moment now I am running XP with no partitions. A step-by-step guide would be very helpful (I have partion magic should I need it).

  dan11 17:12 27 Jul 2005

The best way is to load 2000 on to the first drive, usually "C" of the partitioned hard drive. Then when 2000 is at desktop ( fully loaded ), insert the XP disk. Then pick a new installation. This will write the boot files to "C" and install XP on "D".

XP must see another operating system before it will use it's boot manager. You have installed 2000 after XP, so it as no boot loader ( XP).

2000 has given you a boot loader and it will have written certain fies to the "C" drive, but XP was not around when 2000 was written, so it can not recognise the operating system, so it will not boot.

The genral rule is ( excluding using a outside boot manager ), put the oldest operating system on first. Then install the newer operating system.

They are many different ways to setup a duel boot system. "C" doesnot always have to be primary operating system drive, partitioned or slave drives can be used. They is a variety of boot managers that will do the job that windows does. But XP does a good job and coupled with the inbuilt partition magic, it's not bad for free.

  dan11 17:14 27 Jul 2005

Should have refreshed.;-)

Have you got the 2000 and XP installation disks, if so, it's easy.

What size is the hard drive and how would you like it partitioned.

  [email protected]® 17:17 27 Jul 2005

I have both O/S discs, a 120GB hardrive (want to split 50/50ish) and as I say XP loaded at the moment on 'C'.

  [email protected]® 18:09 27 Jul 2005

Are you there dan11!!??

  dan11 18:15 27 Jul 2005

Yes, sorry taxi job for youngsters. Will set it out for you now.

  [email protected]® 18:18 27 Jul 2005


  dan11 18:30 27 Jul 2005

So the hard drive has no partitions, correct?

Start the computer with the windows2000 disk in, make sure that boot from cd is the first option in the bios.

The 2000 installation will run.

Just after you press F8 to accept the license agreement, you now have the first options.

If you have XP on the drive, select D to delete the partition.

Wen it has been deleted, you must then rebuild it. It will give you the option to rebuild. Then as below C to partition the drive.

If you do not have XP on, then select C to partition the drive.

It will give you the size of the full hard drive in Mb, just put half the value. Then pick the option to format that partition. Leave the other partition till later.

It will start the 2000 installation.

Let it load to desktop.

You should now have windows 2000 loaded on the "C" drive.

Now right click my computer, pick manage and then disk management. Scroll over to the right hand window. You will see the "D" drive as unallocated. Right click the drive to format or start the wizard to initialize the drive.

You will now have you "C" drive with 2000 and a formatted "D" drive.

Now insert the windows XP disk in ( while 2000 is running). You will get a drop down box. Te default is to upgrade to XP. Use the drop down box to pick " new installation". Click OK and the installation will start automatically.

It will reboot and show just like 2000. Make sure you pick the right drive to have XP on ( "D" ).

when it is done, it will boot to XP desktop.

When you restart, you will have the option to boot to 2000 or XP.

This may also here

good luck.

  [email protected]® 18:33 27 Jul 2005

Will I lose everything I have on my computer now?

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