One for the football fans

  JWJ 13:28 23 May 2006

I've created an online World Cup Forecast. It's mathematically based though with a good deal of football opinion behind it. It should revise it's predictions in the light of results as they happen.

I would really appreciate any and all constructive comments and criticisms and any suggestions as to what else could be done with it. I'm interested in your views of the overall appearance, ease of navigation and general usability.

It's at click here

Thanks in advance ;)

  JWJ 13:38 23 May 2006

Apologies - I made a typo in the address.

It's at click here

  JWJ 19:48 23 May 2006

Thanks for your comments Fourm member. I understand what you mean about the contrast for P W D L etc. They were deliberatley set light so as not to distract from the main table and in the belief that most of the visitors will know what the colums represent even without headings. I'll see if anyone else picks up on it.

I appreciate your time - thanks. ;)

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:29 24 May 2006

in the second semi final.

Other than that, it's a nice looking site!

  JWJ 12:09 15 Jun 2006

My World Cup Forecast has enjoyed a phenominal interest with visitor numbers far exceeding my expectations. There has also been a surprising spill-over of visitors to my regular pages as a result.

When the World Cup is finally over, I wish to try and retain some of the SE benefit that I'm enjoying at the moment (I'm #1 in MSN and #3 in Google for the search term "World Cup Forecast") and I don't wish to lose the backlinks that I've picked up. I would really welcome any suggestions as to how I might turn this short term gain into a long term benefit.

  JWJ 13:26 15 Jun 2006

LOL ... I know nothing about football and before the games began had no idea how sensible the predictions were. I'm feeling more optimistic now I've seen some actual results.

It's an interesting idea to modify the algorithms for other sports. They rely on collecting the feedback you get when all the players play all the players, as in the world cup, so wouldn't be suited for all sports but it's an avenue worth exploring. Thanks.

  unix_geek_cred 21:52 15 Jun 2006

Hello JWJ, I visited your website today and have come up with some design ideas for it.

You could maybe use buttons instead of text hyperlinks at the top of the page, as this would look very cool.

A matter of opinion, you could maybe change the title font for 'World Cup Forecast', maybe Arial

There is quite a lot of red on the screen so maybe the text in the middle could be black or another colour like blue

Other than that the site looks great from a design point of view.

  wolfie3000 09:37 17 Jun 2006


"Never unprepared"

"One day somebody may ask me the same questions..... right?"

LOL my brothers wife is a johnston i e-mailed her the page as she like me is into history and shes been on about her clan tartan.

Lots of good info on the site im just sorry i cant help with the site design.

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