one Email address failing as username

  Rorrw 11:24 11 Jul 2018

Excuse any terminology blunders, this is all new to me!

Out of the blue some time last month, one of my business email addresses hosted with a domain stopped allowing me to log in to an online billing account. A few weeks later I received a letter stating that we had a new user added to this billing account, despite the fact the new user information they sent was actually the original email used to open the account 10+ years ago. PLUS the billing address has reverted to an old business address and the correspondence address remains correct. I have since been told by the provider that this was 'coincidental' (I'm not so confident of that...)

I have contacted the billing account provider about this and they say that no activity on their accounts was responsible for why the username stopped being responsive (no one removed any permissions, or tried to hack it, it just appeared to stop being active?) and that I would need to talk to the domain host to see why it has stopped working. However, I am still receiving emails to this email address and can still use it to log in to many other online portals (I mean hundreds of them!) The domain host has suggested applying an SPF, which I have done, but does advise that it really might not work, and that it's very strange that this has happened. No one at the billing account provider, nor at the domain company has heard of this happening before or has any explanation.

It is no longer an inconvenience as my log in has been changed for the billing account, but now I am really curious as to how/when/why this has happened and if I can stop it happening again.

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