One of the earbuds not working in my QC35...

  Stef1994 10:33 06 Sep 2018

My bose QC35 suddenly stopped functioning in the right "earbud". I haven't dropped them of damaged them in any way. They just stopped working from one day to another, and they're only 1 year old. The left earbud still works fine. Wondering if anyone have some tips to how I can fix it myself? Kinda sucks that they're broken already when they're so expensive.

  wee eddie 11:01 06 Sep 2018

Check that the Plug is fully into it's socket, something may be stopping it going fully in

  wee eddie 16:11 06 Sep 2018

What are you plugging them into and is this what you usually plug them into

  Stef1994 21:17 06 Sep 2018

Forgot to mention, they work fully when the cord is plugged in. It seems like it's the wireless function that messes something up. I normally connect them to my iPhone, but I've tried out other devices but the same problem occurs then.

  wee eddie 21:30 06 Sep 2018

Wireless or Bluetooth

  Tobias Obel Hansen 20:02 24 Sep 2018

Try checking out this guide and see if that helps: click here

  Stef1994 11:17 27 Sep 2018

Thanks for the link to the video. But the guy works on a QC25 and not 35.. And I too afraid to start that big "operation" he's doing by myself.

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