One display with two inputs

  Jack Ha 23:28 19 Jan 2017

I have a display connected to my PC via a data port cable.
I have a cctv setup which I would like to view occasionally as well (not at the same time ) on the same display. The cctv has a vga / dsub out put cable which would obviously plug into the PC. Could I view both inputs ie PC & CCTV by using some sort of switch to select the input I choose? Thanks JH

  Archonar 08:43 20 Jan 2017

Yes you can - however I'm not sure what a data port cable is.. Not one that I have heard of, do you mean display port? Anyway there are a variety of switches available, googling it will give you lots of options. If needed you can use an adapter as well to make the switch work if it doesn't have the right input / output ports.

  bumpkin 09:13 20 Jan 2017

Do you have HDMI ports. If so you can use VGA for one device and HDMI for the other, then just switch between the 2 on the screen. That is the setup I use.

  bumpkin 09:22 20 Jan 2017

If not a KVM swich would probably do it. Really need to know exactly what connections you have on each device.

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