gel 16:29 25 Jan 2006

Has any one tried Microsofts ONE CARE LIVE.
Microsoft say
'Are you tired of spending time trying to protect and maintain your computer? Then Windows OneCare is for you. Windows OneCare is a comprehensive PC health service that helps protect and maintain your computer with antivirus, firewall, PC maintenance, and file backup and restore functionality. This new service is in beta testing, so sign up and try it out'.
click here
Has any one had a go.
On Windows associated forum folk asking how much the subscription is -and there appears no definite reply.
Any comments/

  gel 20:36 25 Jan 2006

Thank you fingees for your comment but I would add the same thought as bluto 1
Is there any conflict with other A/V or spyware already installed?
Perhaps fingees would care to add his view on this please.
Thank you

  gel 20:43 25 Jan 2006

Addtional comment.
I should have added that I run various anti spyware progs each in turn on a daily basis including Microsofts Giant antispyware but I only use one antivirus Avast at present .
I have had no problems with this combination but would like to hear from bluto 1

  gel 16:31 26 Jan 2006

I raised the matter of conflicts between progs with the microsoft forum.
My question was

' I am very interested in trying ONE CARE LIVE but I run Avast anti virus
and a few anti spy progs including Microsoft Antispyware (on a rotating basis)
Will ONE CARE LIVE conflict with my other progs if I give it a try?
Thank you'

I got the following comment

'Antivirus and firewall programs known to conflict with Windows OneCare
are Symantec products[Norton Antivirus,Norton SystemWorks or;Norton
Internet Security] as well as McAfee Internet Security Suite and Trend
Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2005.I don't know whether Avast has
any problem with Windows OneCare.

During Setup, Windows OneCare checks for the programs listed above and
will notify you to uninstall any that are found.
Windows OneCare recommends that you uninstall any other antivirus and
firewall software (except for Windows default Firewall), before
beginning Windows OneCare installation.'

I hope it helps the discussion

  gel 16:37 26 Jan 2006

I too have MS firewall(which I thought was switched off-maybe it was switched back on again at MS last update) together with Zone control and both firewalls seem happy together

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