One big server VS 2 medium ones?

  ghance 13:46 11 Mar 2010

which is a better setup for an office of 8 users? Running office apps + an SQL application.

1 of AMD Phenom II QUAD core 3.2Gz, 8Gb ram, 4 x 1Tb HD (6Gb SATA), Gigabit NIC, Windows Server 2008 64-bit + SQLExpress + Terminal services + a NAS box for archives


2 of Compaq/Intel Pentium D 3GHz, 4Gb ram, 2 x 500GB HD. Windows Server 2008 64-bit + SQLExpress + Terminal services. Where one server does file share etc and the other SQL + TS? Each backing up the others data over night.

High availability is essential.



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