jimbo24168 20:40 16 Nov 2003

My PC has onboard LAN but is shown as being disconnected as lead is unplugged. I tried all I could think of to fix this but in the end purchased a pci ethernet card. I need the LAN to connect a wireless internet gateway to so that I can use the pc as a hub for wireless connections from my laptop.
Problem is the ethernet card shows the same message even when I plug the gateway into it.
Any suggestions please ?

  rickf 21:01 16 Nov 2003

Not quite clear what you are saying. If the lead is unplugged it'll show as disconnected in the task bar. Two pcs with a X.

  jimbo24168 21:25 16 Nov 2003

The lead from the gateway is plugged in but the properties box still shows it as being unplugged.

  jimbo24168 21:49 16 Nov 2003

Full details are here.......click here

  DAG88 22:08 16 Nov 2003

have you checked if the cable is faulty?

  jimbo24168 22:57 16 Nov 2003

OK, but i was hoping to be able to plug it into the network card on the pc and access the internet through the pc's usb port. Would this work?

  DieSse 23:28 16 Nov 2003

No - as ßéLâ says above - it's for plugging an ADSL/Cable modem into (the kind with an enet interface) - which then gives you what is essentially a wireless router.

Each PC then needs a wireless card to communicate with it.

click here

  jimbo24168 09:53 17 Nov 2003

Thank you all for your help. Looks like i'll have to go and buy another modem.

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