Onboard/ intergrated graphics??

  User-E7670A08-C432-4A6D-849128284E9457A9 18:59 22 Apr 2010

hi, I have a few questions about the graphics thing in this PC i'm gonna buy.

firstly: it's a new Intel GMA HD whichs comes with the new i3 processors, and it's got 1GB of graphics memory; do I have share this with my RAM? Will I be only able to use 3 of my 4GB's of RAM?

secondly: can it do that nice windows aero thingy?


  bremner 19:12 22 Apr 2010

click here for an in depth review of the GMA HD.

Yes it will take the 1GB from your 4GB of RAM and from what I have read it should run Aero.

is there anyway to change the amount of RAM is shared?? I know it's via the BIOS, but, being rather computer illterate, i've not a clue why.

  MAT ALAN 20:04 22 Apr 2010

Will I be only able to use 3 of my 4GB's of RAM?

And do you think thats not enough, probably more than enough, so mucking about in your BIOS when ya not sure what yor doin is recipe for disaster...

  bremner 20:48 22 Apr 2010

Agree with MAT ALAN forget messing with the BIOS.

You haven't said which O/S you are having but I guess it will be W7. 3GB will be sufficient whether you have 32 or 64 bit.

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