Onboard Ethernet vs PCI Ethernet Card

  Lady Lara 10:20 27 Jan 2006

Quite simply..... Is an PCI 10/100 Ethernet Card better than the ones built into mobo?

My PC can be slow at downloads and web pages are a little slower to view. However, I use my daughters PC which has PCI Ethernet and it is quicker.... and her PC has a lesser spec than mine in all aspects.

  Chegs ®™ 10:33 27 Jan 2006

A 10/100 card is a 10/100 card,as in it will run at the same speeds be it onboard or PCI.

  Lady Lara 11:07 27 Jan 2006

Are newer 10/100 cards better than older ones irrespective of PCI or on-board?

  Chegs ®™ 11:09 27 Jan 2006

Nope,a cards description of 10/100 refers to its data thruput speeds.Eg:10Mbps or 100Mbps.

  Lady Lara 11:21 27 Jan 2006

I understand what your saying but it seems very strange as to why 2 PC's using the same router have differing download speeds (tested each against each other at the same time for the same download) and yet the PC with the lesser RAM, 50% less CPU Speed, Smaller HDD, Naffer DVD, CD ROM etc etc .....wins hands down. Thanks Chegs anyway.


  Chegs ®™ 11:30 27 Jan 2006

I have encountered a similar happening and I put it down to differences in the coding of the driver as in my case it was the same PCI card in two different OS's(98se v XP Home)

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