omnipage error ocr not working

  widdy 19:07 16 Jun 2005

I am using 98se sytem and have an agfa snapscan scanner connected and should be using omnipage le ocr soft ware to do the processing. however the computer freezes whilst trying to use the ocr process. This used to work ok at one time.

I have tried to reload both agfa snapscan soft ware (ok) and also omnipage LE ocr but this crashes with the following error message.

ISINST30 caused a general protection fault
in module _INS0433._MP at 0010:00000672.
EAX=0000ffff CS=327f EIP=00000672 EFLGS=00000286
EBX=3217d163 SS=6d7f ESP=0000c8fc EBP=0000c906
ECX=00030000 DS=6d7f ESI=00000004 FS=0000
EDX=0000ffff ES=0000 EDI=00000000 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
c4 5e 06 26 ff 77 28 26 ff 77 26 9a 22 01 2f 6e
Stack dump:
00043e5f 6d7f0000 2b2f6d7f 324f0331 ffff0000 0003000d 1aae2b65 1aae8003 0029c932 32573902 c9360000 00000000 c9456d7f 329f0146 6c870004 34afb55d

Any help/sugestions would be useful.

  wee eddie 19:29 16 Jun 2005

I am attempting to run demonstration version downloaded from the internet on win 98. Keep getting a message "ISINST 30 caused a general protection fault in module ins0433-mp at 0021:00000265".
In some circumstances when setup is run a GPF in ISINST30 or _Ins0433._mp occurs at the end of setup initialization. This problem can occur as a result of a conflict between InstallShield Express and other drivers that are loaded. In particular, if the MSWheel component of Microsoft IntelliPoint 2.2 is loaded, you will see this error.
You may use one of the following methods to avoid this problem:
Disable MSWheel before running setup. To do this, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, select Mswheel, and click End Task.
Boot the computer in safe mode before running setup.

  widdy 19:44 16 Jun 2005

cant find anything like that on pc

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