OMG!!! the idea that could change the OS and the..

  professor 20:49 16 Feb 2003

i read STREWTH!! not another OS

it was impressive to say the least it actually made me decide to put this idea ive had for a long time in here to see what you people think so dont hold back!!

firstly if this idea is already known i dont know of it and i belive this to be my own work.

Ok ive always had a dream of creating an OS impervious to any kind of problems and i think ive cracked it.Its all made out of currently existing technology and its like this although its only theory and paperwork i do belive this is possible and reasonably easy to do.

ive had alot of problems with pcs in my time and thats when i decided to come up with a radical idea that could indeed change the way pcs run and the stability of the OS.

unlike the artical i read my idea is not software-but hardware, i had the idea of somehow storing an OS on a memory module thus removing any threat from a system loss.

see part 2

  VoG™ 20:52 16 Feb 2003

Like on an EPROM?

  jazzypop 20:59 16 Feb 2003

MS will sell you a version of Windows that runs on solid-state hard disks, if those are the lines you are thinking along.

Once again, Bill is already there :)

  professor 21:06 16 Feb 2003

and to do this I took a base idea of having a 512MB module to store the OS onto. and just like the RAM is accessed now to temporairily store data the same would apply to what I call "mod OS"

The system would access the module instead of the HD which is the currant method used and load the OS like so. and useing the module when it come to normal tasks just like the HD is used to do normal tasks.

The result: an OS that is impervious to viruses and trojans and any other form of nasty that exists becouse it is in the hardware and becouse it is hardware there is no files to be infected and destroyed. resulting in an OS that is extreamly fast reliable and would never suffer from a crash or conflicting hardware. reducing the HD to nothing more than a storage device for normal apps to be accessed and used like the HD is now.

The reason for no conflicting harware is that th OS would have nothing to do with drivers for the hardware. instead the BIOS would recognise the drivers for the hardware and load them at boot like is done now, thus things would appear as you would see now.

But anyway that is my base idea to replace magnetic storage with vastly more reliable hardware storage.


  woodchip 21:14 16 Feb 2003

A commendable IDEA but where will you get a EPROM big enough to store all that info. If you could use standard Ram and keep it alive that would sort it. It would work like the One you have been looking at on this site

  woodchip 21:15 16 Feb 2003

PS virus's can infect Ram, you would need someway of clearing it

  Andÿ 21:26 16 Feb 2003

The next big step will be non volatile ram and huge amounts used instead of the current ram with no need for a HD (except for maybe backup) and everything will be run/held in the system ram (it's still a way off though).

The only reason we use HD's is that ram is volatile and not practical to use in huge amounts i.e. 40, 60 or 100 gigs but one day.............

Instant 'ON' and super fast PC's.........

  zanwalk 21:28 16 Feb 2003

However, as woodchip mentions, it would still be vulnerable to virus's, as obviously the virus writers would target it. The only way it could possibly succeed is if you were able to isolate that OS (whatever medium it was on, RAM, EPROM or even CompactFlash) by inserting hardware between the OS and the HDD. I cannot at the moment think how you could possibly do this, if you can solve that one then maybe you would have a runner. Keep thinking...

  professor 21:43 16 Feb 2003

becouse of the OS being stored in RAM modules even if a virus was to get onto the disk you could format it and the only things at risk would be normal software and a few drivers so even after format the OS would boot and you would simply install drivers again and you would have a pc ready and running again.


the intitial idea ive had to seperate the module and isolate it is to maybe have some sort of firewall or maybe to have some programming on the "mod OS" where if it saw somthing that didnt look right(suspicious)it would automatically either inform the user before the pc finished booting and ask if to remove it or not or simply remove anything suspicious od detection of it.


  LastChip 21:52 16 Feb 2003

But modern systems are dynamic in nature, they change as you are using them. How would you overcome what would appear to be, a large limitation on the potential usefulness of the system?

Items already exist where this solution is in use. but they are static systems. In other words, the EPROM (or whatever) holds information that produces the required result over and over again, without change.

  spikeychris 21:54 16 Feb 2003

Your second paragraph to would be asking the system to do a "full" system scan at every boot-up, is that right?


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