omega v ati drivers

  pookie 14:08 29 Dec 2004


i know this has been raised sometime ago but what's the latest thinking on omega over ati for games like doom 3, half life 2 and ut2004?

system 3Ghz barton, 1Gb ddr, xp home edition, asus a7n8x-x mobo and x800pro graphics.

many thanks


  pookie 15:09 29 Dec 2004

bump :-)

  Mike D 16:06 29 Dec 2004

There used to be an argument that Omega drivers were more stable and I, for one, used them in preference to ATI I've got an old RAdeon 9500 pro. The katest ATI drivers seem to be OK, and I have used both the last 2 revisions without any nagging doubts that I could have doen better with Omega.
I know that is a politician's answer (this fence is uncomfortable), but Omega are worth a try if you are having driver problems (but do follow the installation notes)

  gudgulf 17:35 29 Dec 2004

I prefer Omega drivers for the following reasons.

1) they are much easier to install and upgrade

2) they work well and the optimisations and bug fixes are worthwhile (in my opinion)

3) the control panel has all the functions of ATI's latest version without the need for .NET being installed.

As to whether they are better than ATI's official drivers.......well they *are* ATI drivers with a number of tweaks and fixes added.Omega's recent versions are generally based on the beta versions of ATI's drivers so if you are a bit nervous about using pre-release versions of programs or *unofficial* software then you should stick to the official certified releases.If you feel like being adventurous then give Omega a try,you might like them.But heed Mike D's advice and read all the installation notes on the Omega site.

  gudgulf 17:49 29 Dec 2004

Oh and one more thing....I have just played through DOOM3 at the following settings.

Resolution 1600x1200,4xAA,8XAF and ultra high detail. Using Fraps as a guide frame rate seldom fell much below the 60fps ceiling imposed on the game and never below 35fps at normal level of difficulty.Only just started HL2 but again playing at maximum everything including 6xAA.

System is a P4 2.8GHz /x800pro (bios modded to release all 16 pixel pipes/1.5GB ram/XPpro SP2

Drivers used were Omega's last version based on the catalyst 8.07 beta drivers.

  pookie 08:59 30 Dec 2004

many thanks guys - installed omegas last night and there is a definite improvement in doom 3. i can now run it at ultra quality in control panel and high quality in doom 3 settings. ut2004 is slight improvement in that not much of a stutter anywhere now - regardless of number on bots on screen. not tried hl2 since omegas but i'm quite impressed so far.

gudgulf - did you use any doom 3 in game tweaks (in user files) to run at those settings?



  herc182 11:48 30 Dec 2004

so before you installed the omega drivers you had the latest ATI drivers?
did you notice this improvement over the latest ATI drivers, or were the drivers you had installed not the latest?


  pookie 14:19 30 Dec 2004

hi - they were the ati 4.12 (latest) - even though you don't have to uninstall the ati driver (just the control panel) when you install omegas, I did uninstall all ati drivers and then installed omegas - the faq's in omega will talk you through it


  gudgulf 16:24 30 Dec 2004

No in game tweaks at all.....just max settings and the Omega drivers.Remember I have modded my card to the full 16 pixel pipe (from the 12 of the pro) and that makes a big difference at high resolutions.I also have 1.5GB of ram which also smoothed things out a bit.

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