olympus xd picture card query

  conrail 10:17 02 Mar 2017

my Olympus camera has decided to retire, I have 2 olympus xd picture cards with it, unfortunately they wont fit into the sd card slot on my laptop although they are slightly wider but not as long and they don't have the cut out corner, is there an adaptor I can get that will help me check and retrieve what photos I have on them? all help and advice appreciated

  davecartman 10:36 02 Mar 2017

I have a USB card reader which I use with my olympus xd cards. Sorry I don't know how to post a link but they are cheap and readily available on Ebay. Hope this helps.

  conrail 11:34 02 Mar 2017

thank you davecartman, I will look into it, I appreciate your help

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