Olympus Camedia Master Software

  webber_man 18:15 21 Dec 2003

I have an Olympus D490 Zoom digital camera i bought a couple of years ago and used to use it with my PC running Win ME. I now have a PC running XP but cannot find the CD anywhere to re-install the software i need to upload photo's from the camera.

I have looked on the Olympus website (both the .co.uk and the .com versions) but they don't seem to have the Camedia Master software available to download.

Does anyone have any idea where i can download this software from?


  MAJ 18:25 21 Dec 2003

You shouldn't need any software to download your snaps, webber_man, XP should detect the camera when you attach it to the computer.

  rev.bem 18:38 21 Dec 2003

Any good?

click here

  rev.bem 18:43 21 Dec 2003

Didn't work

On the page that link shows in the line

"Choose a product group or product type"
select Camedia Master 4.0 in the box after any

  MAJ 19:25 21 Dec 2003

Just realised your's is the serial connection not USB. If rev.bem's suggestion doesn't work (it didn't for me), suggest you contact the hotline. I did find it on KazzaaLite though, if you're stuck. The other alternative is to buy a card reader and put your SmartMedia card into that. XP will then auto-detect it and download your piccies.

  webber_man 21:07 21 Dec 2003

No joy as serial not USB as you pointed out MAJ. And the downloads on the website are only patches and updates not Camedia Master itself. Have found version 2.5 on Kazaa but after downloading it it seesm to be corrupted and will not install!

Ho-hum....back to the drawing board!!

Cheers again

  spud 23:13 21 Dec 2003

Hi webber_man,i have an olympus c350 and the software that came with it is camedia master version 4.1,i am running xp home,but connect my camera via usb port if this is what you are looking for i could always make a copy on cd ,but not sure how i could get it to you.

  lacker 00:23 22 Dec 2003

Sorry to give a negative response to this, but I too have Camedia Master 4.1,and have just been studying the Acrobat Manual supplied with it.Unfortunately it only contains USB drivers and the solution given by Camedia for non USB connection,is the same as the one given by MAJ.Namely to obtain a card reader and use it's USB connection.(I am assuming your computer has USB).This means SPUD's kind suggestion will not work.Is it too late to ask Daddy Christmas for an extra present? ie a card reader.
Regards Tony

  MAJ 01:12 22 Dec 2003

I seem to remember from my searches earlier that the original software that came with webber-man's camera was Camedia Master version 2.0 or version 2.5, so it's probably one of those that he would need rather than version 4. A card reader shouldn't cost any more than a few quid. click here

  rusty 18:48 22 Dec 2003

Have A look at this site click here where you sould find the programme you are looking for

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