Olivetti Laptop

  xoc 14:48 11 Jun 2003

Yesterday I got an Olivetti Laptop/Notebook Model number 800. Type; 860c: from a friend who hasn't used it for years.
I attached the charger and after a few minutes on charge, the screen lit up, and it came alive displayed win 98, and everything was fine except the touch pad wasn't functioning so had to use keyboard to move through programs etc and so was able to up date the clock, date and time, etc. before switching off, feeling confident that I could use it today!
However, when I switched it on today, all I get is the screen lighting up with the Bios display on top of screen,
but nothing else. Ziltch!
Have tried every combination on the keyboard to no avail.
Have just noticed that it has now switched itself off, so the settings I put in last night are obviously working.
My concern is that I may have done something, through ignorance of the keyboard strokes, to lock it up.
Yet there is no message of any kind displayed. Only the Bios display.
Any ideas?
All help welcome.

  TechMad 15:15 11 Jun 2003

How old is the system?

Some BIOS's dating back to 1994 and earlier may have a Year 2000 problem. Are you able to press the prompted key to "Enter Setup". From here you should be able to change the date to one before the year 2000.

If this doesn't work, post back.

  TechMad 15:19 11 Jun 2003

As far as the trackpad goes you may need to go to businesses such as click here and click here - They may beable to help.

  xoc 15:41 11 Jun 2003

Thanks! You may well be right re the millenium bug as on checking it the Bios reads "Copyright 1985-1995" and I did up date the clock!!!
Any ideas how I can get the system to load so that I can change it back as you suggest?
At moment have a blank screen with Bios along top.

Also, re the links you gave . The first one takes me to a laptop repair outfit, which i will check out later, but the second one takes me to a domain name clone outfit? a mistake I take it!

  TechMad 10:29 13 Jun 2003

When you start the Laptop, the fist screen should say press "Del (or F1) to enter setup". This can usually be seen at the bottom of the screen, where you would find the Taskbar in Windows. The system should tell you which key to press to enter setup.

If you do not get this on your screen, you may have to get the system manuals out. Look for a section on reseting the BIOS.

As for the links, please accept my apologies.

  TechMad 08:55 18 Jun 2003

Any luck yet?

  xoc 20:03 19 Jun 2003

Hi TechMad,
Sorry for delay in replying , but was chasing up, firstly Olivetti from whom I have not yet received a reply to my email, and also to Phoenix who built the thing in the first place, but again no response.
I got a tip to try this link
"click here" and was able to download an up dated BIOS from them, but have not succeeded in booting up from it, so will have to try something else.
Thanks for your help.

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