OLEAUT32 file Problem

  jgd 08:05 20 Jan 2010

Hello all... I downloaded and installed Pixrenamer a few days ago. Since then most applications are failing with error messages such as:
‘The OLEAUT32.dll file cannot start check file to determine the problem’
‘The visual Basic environment cannot be initialised’
‘Error loading c\w\sys\NvCpl.dll’

Other symptoms are:
At startup, the desktop appears ok but only a few icons on taskbar.
Clicking a Word document gives several error message but the file does eventually open.
Files> If I try to view a directory, the file icons & names do not display. But Files>Desktop icons do display.
Start> Settings>Control Panel also displays no icons so I cannot for example try to uninstall PixRenamer.
I cannot print via a USB connected printer.
Cntl&Alt&Del lists very few items.
Periodically the message ‘Explorer: The program has performed an illegal operation..’ appears, seemingly of it’s own volition.

Firefox gives the OLEAUT message and will not run but Opera seems ok’.
Word, Excel, my Accounts package all run ok, including saving to a usb connected HD
Start>Find>Files> filename seems to work and shows file& folder icons.
Save an open file seems ok and shows file& folder icons in the dialogue box

Our local PC man visited and said that, although he downloaded the oleaut32.dll zip file ok it could not be expanded by Power Archiver as this appears to need a valid oleaut32.dll file! The only solution he suggested looked to be a full OS rebuild. I would like to avoid this if possible.

I have looked online myself for an unzipped oleaut32.dll file but cannot find so wondered if any Forum readers have any suggestions as how this file might be replaced or other ideas how to proceed!

All very confusing to me as a non IT person ..but I’ll save the best till last … all this is on Pentium III under Windows 98 SE which I have retained to support some legacy applications. Our local man even said, as W98 started up, ‘I haven’t seen that for a while’. I have a W98 boot floppy and the MS W98 CD.

Here’s hoping, Thanks, John

  Jollyjohn 08:48 20 Jan 2010


Try running SFC see click here for details.

  ventanas 16:36 20 Jan 2010

What has probably happened is that your installation has overwritten OLEAUT32.dll with a later version that Win98 doesn't recognise. This was a common issue with earlier versions of Windows. At one time I had a number of different versions of this file residing in various programs root folders, and it wasn't alone - a number of MFC's had the same problem.

I can only suggest that you keep looking, but the version you require will now be very old.
The advice given by your PC man may be all you have.

  jgd 20:10 20 Jan 2010

Jolly John & Ventanas ...Thank you both for your comments.

I have now run SFC several times with different options for subfolders etc and only user.exe was reported as possibly corrupt.
At the SysInfo stage however ‘ Cannot display info.. component is not functioning or is not present’ was reported and indeed I could not see anything in the SI display. Nevertheless I was able to select SFC form the Tools menu and apparently run it ok.

Using Find>File I was able to confirm that OLEAUT32.zip (downloaded by PC man yesterday?) was in the SYSTEM32 folder and an OLEAUT32.dll in the SYSTEM folder and also in \Programfiles\Serif\\Wp70\program folder. Is this where they should be?

In the hope of finding the original OLEAUT32.dll I looked on the W98 CD but could not locate it. Perhaps you could advise if it should be there and in which folder and if it would be any use.

Obliged for any more suggestions!

Thanks again, John
PS Ventanas .. what's an MFC?

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