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Older versions of Utorrent

  hiwatt 13:36 07 Sep 2015

Hi folks.Can anyone tell me a safe place to download an older version of Utorrent please?(Version 3.2)The recent version doesn't allow to select which files you want to download.I tried to download an older version last night and got some spyware with it :(

  robin_x 14:25 07 Sep 2015

To help guard against Junkware, see, Unchecky and AdwCleaner


Torrent client alternatives and old links

I heard that qBitTorrent was the new best thing, many months ago. So I switched to that.

Dunno if it does what you want.

  robin_x 14:28 07 Sep 2015
  hiwatt 15:30 07 Sep 2015

Hi.Thanks for the replies.I would like to stick with Utorrent.I just need a safe site to get an older version of it from?I am already protected with Malwarebytes WOT etc.Thanks.

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