old Win98Se and unusual boot up display with Bleep

  Giggle n' Bits 01:12 17 Jun 2004

neighbours kids old pc Time branded a 5ooMHz AMD, Win98Se on boot up will boot up to the options 1. Normal and 2.Game options then carry on to the 98SE splash screen pause about 40seconds then one Long Bleep, then to the Black and white text just under the windows and read c:/fjklsf*fsk for e;g

It looks like smile faces & coded messages type, but the long bleep and seeing this distortion of text in the Black & White doss screen on boot puzzles me.

Also in Win98Se if I look in the MSCONFIG boxes in one of the screens it shows the lines again all gobbley gutch double dutch looking text.

Does this look like hardware fault of some sort of file corruption.
Interested if I can sort it out with anyones help for PCA.

  hugh-265156 01:56 17 Jun 2004

the c:/fjklsf*fsk text i am not sure about,cannot find any info on google re this sorry.

one long beep: what bios does the computer use?

click here may help a bit maybe

  Gongoozler 06:35 17 Jun 2004

A long beep usually indicates a memory fault. Garbled text could be caused by the same thing. Try removing the memory, wiping the contacts and putting it back again.

  Tog 08:00 17 Jun 2004

Run scandisk in safe mode. My system did this to me recently but it was the ATI path that was scrambled. I could trace it back to a power loss (OK, so that wasn't was the printer plug I pulled!) which corrupted some files on the disk. Fortunately I use Ghost so could pull a good version of the image file. Do you have backups?

  Tog 08:02 17 Jun 2004

Or run it from DOS.

  Giggle n' Bits 08:54 17 Jun 2004

run, Memory reseated, Modem to remove and reinstall ATI Rage Pro onboard Chip driver, something tells me that Auto Excec Bat files look un happy.

Please remember this garbled text on boot with characters and text with odd faces and signs is also showing as 3 lines in the MS config options.

How do you illuminate a driver to narrow things down, Audio seems ok, that was reistalled ands works fine, but will go through the rest.

  Tog 10:10 17 Jun 2004

HDD diagnostics failure is a big worry.

If you want to discount your memory as the cause, there is a useful free diagnostic at click here , you have to register but it's no hassle, they've never contacted me for anything.

Reinstalling the software/drivers will just add lines to these files, not remove the gobbledygook.

I would just delete the lines that have gobbledygook (it isn't working anyway right?) And see if any devices give error messages.

  Tog 10:14 17 Jun 2004

Oh, and to eliminate a driver, you can press whichever key it is at boot (F5 or F8?) to call up the options menu then select to boot with the log. I can't remember where it saves the log to off-hand, maybe someone else here?

  Gongoozler 10:56 17 Jun 2004

At bootup you don't have any drivers, MSDOS, autoexec etc loaded. If you are getting a long beep, then the POST is unhappy with the hardware. This could be the motheboard, graphics card or memory. The best way to find which is by substitution. Disconnect everything from the motherboard except the processor with heatsink, memory, graphics card, power supply, power switch, case speaker. If you still get a POST beep, then you have a hardware fault in one of the remaining parts, or you have a BIOS error.

  Tog 11:19 17 Jun 2004

Look at the first post, he gets as far as the splash screen before the beep, that's way past BIOS. The beep is more likely to be the processor whinging at being asked to perform an illegal operation or getting a fatal error.

  BBez 14:13 17 Jun 2004

if you've got more than one stick of RAM then they're probably incompatible. I had similar error the other week with PC100 mixed with PC133 sticks, either run fine on its own...

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