old Toshiba laptop SA60 -672

  bumpkin 16:39 22 Nov 2013

Hi everyone, I,ve had this laptop laying around for a few years, 4yr old grandaughter loves playing with my tablet so I thought I would get it up and working for her. Re-instal OS, new battery and tiny USB wireless card It works well enough for a kiddies toy but one thing puzzles me, on the LH side is a stick out button which when pressed ejects a platic frame appx 55x80mm with four holes in it appx 25x33mm Can anyone tell me what it is please. I have looked for a manual on the net.

  Bris 16:49 22 Nov 2013

Could it be for a mini CD, they are 80mm diameter? Or could be for making toast?

  Secret-Squirrel 16:51 22 Nov 2013

It's the slot for PC-card peripherals like this one.

The plastic frame is simply to keep out dust and fluff when no card is inserted.

  bumpkin 17:12 22 Nov 2013

Hi again, thanks for the quick replies.

Bris "Could it be for a mini CD, they are 80mm diameter?" I don't think that they fit in a 25x33mm rectangle, I'll try sawing one up:-))

Secret Squirrel, Thanks for the answer.

  bumpkin 12:05 23 Nov 2013

Another question, if I want to add extra memory where does it go as I can't see anything that looks like a memory slot. Not used to laptops.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:33 23 Nov 2013

Start by turning the laptop upside down and you may be able to identify two or three oblong or square removable panels that are secured by a small screw or two. They usually have a small icon to help identify what's underneath. One of them should be the bay for the RAM modules.

Some laptops however have one huge panel that's secured by many screws.

Sorry that I can't be more specific but I couldn't find the service manual for an SA60-672.

  bumpkin 15:08 23 Nov 2013

Thanks for your reply, there are 3 panels which I have looked in but no memory slots that I can see. I have also looked for a manual to no avail.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:36 23 Nov 2013

"..........there are 3 panels...."

That sounds promising.

"......Not used to laptops...."

Just in case you don't know what laptop memory looks like, have a look at this picture and the memory bay is in the centre and the modules themselves are the green and black objects. Do you see anything like that? If not then the memory may be under the keyboard but that may be a lot of faff for you as it's a tad tricky to get to - especially so without service manual to refer to :(

  Batch 17:00 23 Nov 2013

That slot sounds like it could be for PCMCIA cards (85.6mm x 54mm). See Wikipedia PCMCIA

I thought I might still have an old card in one of my boxes of stuff, but no joy. PCMCIA could be used for a variety of things (LAN, WiFI etc.)

  Secret-Squirrel 17:06 23 Nov 2013

"That slot sounds like it could be for PCMCIA cards"

That's what I said in my first post Batch ;)

PCMCIA and PC Card are the same thing although the latter was the more commonly used name.

  chub_tor 17:18 23 Nov 2013

I think that this manual is similar to yours and if so the cover for the memory model is slap bang in the middle underneath. Maximum memory supported is 1.5Gb

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