Old software not compatible with 64-bit processor?

  HANAH 19:40 04 Aug 2005

Hi. I recently bought a new PC which has an AMD 64-bit processor. Alot of my old CDs work but I'm having problems with some others. For example, my old AA Milemaster CD (2001) runs after installation but will not allow me to search routes, giving me an error message saying something like 'db error' and then the program ceases responding. Any idea why this is happening and is it normal? Will some older software not work with this processor, hence rendering them useless?

P.s. I'm a total amateur so please reply in basic terms. Thanks.

  Tel 00:13 05 Aug 2005

I upgraded my PC with a new MB and AMD 64 3000 recently and have had no problems apart from having to re-install all my software

  Strawballs 00:25 05 Aug 2005

I have recently purchased a AMD 64Bit athlon 3200+ HP laptop and have not had any trouble running software that I run on my Sempron desktop. As it is a new machine I would assume that it is running XP, how old was your last machine and was it running an older OS such as 9X or ME this might be more a reason as XP does sometimes have issues with older software.

  Tel 00:28 05 Aug 2005

Strawballs is correct XP can have problems with older software but can be forced to run as older versions for older software

  Tel 00:36 05 Aug 2005

You can try the "Program Compatability Wizard"
Choose All Programs/Accessories/Program Compatability Wizard and follow the onscreen instructions.
Hope this helps

  Strawballs 00:48 05 Aug 2005

That would be my first move as long as we knew what OS Hanah was using when these progs worked

  HANAH 16:32 05 Aug 2005

Thanks for your replies. I've had problems with two of the cds so far but I'm beginning to think it's more of an XP problem rather than processor. The AA Milemaster one runs but gives me the error message: "Unable to initialize DAO/Jet db engine" and an old Rollercoaster Tycoon CD does not run at all after installation but claims: "Access Violation, Error Location Unknown". Any idea what this is all about?

The Cds used to work quite well on Windows98SE. I'll try the procgram compatability thing though.

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