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  DJM 11:58 05 Nov 2006


I was wondering if anyone can help. I have some old software, Micro Cookbook, that is suitable for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. I now have Windows XP. I have tried installing the software and it appears to work OK but when I try to open it I get a message "ODBC DLL Data source name not found and no default driver specified". Is there anything I can do to get this to work or alternately, any way I can get at the data that is stored in a file with the extension .OTM



  VoG II 11:59 05 Nov 2006
  Jak_1 12:02 05 Nov 2006

The chances of getting a program written for win 3.1 or win 95 to work is at best extremely doubtful. Same applies for the data files, it would take some expensive sophisticated software to do this. No doubt a specialist could do it for you but would it be worth the cost!

  DJM 12:03 05 Nov 2006

Thanks for the quick rely VoG. I've just tried that and it didn't work. Any other suggestions?

  DJM 12:07 05 Nov 2006

Jak_1, I was sort of guessing that but just hoping I would be able to get it to work. Seems a shame to loose a few hundred recipes!

  Technotiger 12:11 05 Nov 2006
  VoG II 12:14 05 Nov 2006

It appears not to be supported anymore click here

You could try opening a file in Notepad or try click here

  DJM 12:16 05 Nov 2006

Thanks Technotiger. I'd already found that website but couldn't see that there was anything that would actually help me make it word (but I'm not particularly computer literate so could easily be wrong!).

  Technotiger 12:44 05 Nov 2006

One last suggestion - have you a friend or colleague (or perhaps one of their kids) who might perhaps still be using an early version of Windows, if so, perhaps you could run it on their computer and, just perhaps, maybe save it in a format readable in XP.


  DJM 12:44 05 Nov 2006

Thanks again VoG

I'd already tried Notepad without success.

The software link you sent seems to be partially successful but I'll have to have a fiddle with it and see what I can do. It all seems to be based on a relational database so looks a bit complicated - all the ingredients have codes applied to them and then all the recipes are written in that code but I may be able to sort it out.


  Fellsider 13:02 05 Nov 2006

Have you tried the Program Compatability Wizard in Help & Support?

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