Old Sky Router or New Access Point????

  theons100 22:19 30 Jan 2011

Hi Guys

I have recently started connecting my desktop PC to my Sky router using a Lynksis 600N USB adapter due to them having to be in different rooms.
I have other kit near to the desktop which I also need to connect to the internet (Sky HD box and Blu Ray player).
I have searched the net for days and have seen that I may be able to use an old Sky router to connect to the new Sky router and then connect cables from the old router into the various bits of kit thus enabling them access to the net.
I have tried for days to get this sorted but have to hold my hands up and ask for assistance!!
Is this possible to do and will it be worth it or is there a nice and shiny bit of new kit I can buy (that won't break the bank)that will do a good job??
Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

  mgmcc 07:59 31 Jan 2011

Although the old router could be used as a Network Switch / Wireless Access Point, it would still need to be connected via one of its LAN ports to the main router by ethernet cable.

What you need is a "Wireless Network Bridge". This is the opposite of a Wireless Access Point in that it allows a "wired" network to connect to a wireless one. You would plug your Sky HD box and Blu Ray player into the Bridge which would connect wirelessly to the router.

Examples click here (but avoid a Belkin Gaming Adapter as this only supports the connection of a single device).

  theons100 17:25 31 Jan 2011

Thanks very much for your help on this mgmcc, I suppose I had spent so long trying to work out what I needed to do that I ended up looking in the wrong place entirely.
Thanks again.

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