Old printer HP940c query

  caris 13:37 04 Jun 2005

I've an old printer (HP940c) which has been wrapped up and stored in my loft for a long time.

My friends printer has broken and is hoping that the old printer would still work if it had new ink cartridges.

I really don't know about this so your help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


  boot-it-out 13:59 04 Jun 2005

Although this Printer is now discontinued by HP you can stil get replacement ink cartridges fo rit - just search the Internet for HP940c ink and you'll get lots of responses.

With HP Ink cartridges the printer nozzle is usually built into the cartridge, and assuming this is so with your 940c, then there's no reason at all why your printer that has been in storage, and then fitted with new cartridges shouldn't print like new :-)

As for whether it will work in your friends computer or not, will depend on their Operating System and whether they have the correct Printer driver - the good news is that if you take a quick trip to the HP web site click here you can follow the links to download the latest drivers, including for Windows XP - and even the User Manual - all free of charge.


click here

  caris 14:06 04 Jun 2005

Just the answer I hoped to see.:-)

Now who's going to climb into the loft to bring the printer back down? LOL

Thank you so much for your help and advice.


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