Old PC Game

  Muzzsjm 12:41 18 Oct 2004

Someone else posted a subject on an old PC and I to would like to know the name of one.

I know it was avalible on Amiga, Atari and then the PC. All I can remember is that you had a small level filled with rocks and a bomb.

You had to block the bomb in using 4 rocks before the time ran out. There were traps and enemies etc to try and stop you. I think you were a little pink dog of some sort, I'm not 100 sure.

  Muzzsjm 15:08 19 Oct 2004

Guess no one has any idea :-(

  [DELETED] 15:29 19 Oct 2004

I think that if the game isn't capable of melting the latest graphics cards then no-ones really interested nowadays. So what if all that they involve is shooting everything in sight - Doom3 - as long as they look pretty.
Give me Elite on the BBC micro, or a 4 player game of dynablaster on playstation1 anyday :-)

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