Old mouse works with XP but not W7

  bumpkin 23:59 17 Aug 2013

Hi, I have dug out an old wireless belkin mouse, giant rat by todays standards but it does everything I need and I find it more comfortable to use than something the size of a matchbox. It also does not send the cursor into hyperspace as soon as I touch it. Tried on 2 XP machines and no problem but can't get it working with W7 for some reason.

  Kevscar1 05:28 18 Aug 2013

go to the makers site and see if there are W7 drivers

  bumpkin 09:30 18 Aug 2013

I meant to post this in the helproom. Thanks Kevscar, will check that out.

  bumpkin 15:18 18 Aug 2013

I can’t find a driver on the Belkin site. The mouse and keyboard came as a set referred to as a combo (F8E846ukBNDL-DB). I have installed the drivers from the disk that came with it and the keyboard works but not the mouse although they both work in XP. I don’t want to use the keyboard anyway but there was no option to just install the mouse. I am not really bothered if I can’t get it working just though I would give it a try expecting to just plug it in and use it.

  Quickbeam 18:24 18 Aug 2013

It must prefer the older mature cheddar.

  Aitchbee 18:50 18 Aug 2013

It might have a squeaky mechanism ... a tiny skoosh of WD40 might help.

  bumpkin 19:22 18 Aug 2013

Quickbeam & Aitchbee, thankyou for your constructive input. I think that I may have now found the cause of it's early demise. In the instruction manual after the bit about disposing of the batteries which are presumably Plutonium it does clearly state "Not to be stored with Rentokill products"

  bumpkin 19:29 18 Aug 2013

Or maybe my rodentbyte software is blocking it

  Aitchbee 19:58 18 Aug 2013

You might have a loose moose.

click here

  bumpkin 21:36 18 Aug 2013

Aitchbee "You might have a loose moose." or maybe you a screw loose. I still think it is an anti-mouseware issue. Unless you and QB are prepared to ratify this then I suggest that you Minnie mize your cheesy comments and stop taking the Mickey.

  Forum Editor 22:27 18 Aug 2013

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