Old motherboard with a modern cpu.

  NeptuneIX 17:44 05 Apr 2017

I am using an asus r7 250 right now. If I upgrade it to a gtx 1050 will it work? My motherboard is an ecs nforce9m-a. It's upgraded to the latest version but I don't know if it'll work since it's an old motherboard.

  Devil Fish 21:57 05 Apr 2017

yes it will work but not at full capacity as your board appears to be pcie 2.0 and the GTX 1050 is pcie3.To be honest it doesn't look much of an upgrade to what you have click here scroll down a bit for comparisons add to that due to your board being pcie 2 your figures are going to be lower than given in the comparisons.my own opinion not much of an upgrade given the motherboard rstrictions i would save your money

  Jollyjohn 10:51 06 Apr 2017

No it wont work a Pcie 2 slot cannot accept a Pcie3 graphics card.

  Devil Fish 21:53 06 Apr 2017

JollyJohn i beg to differ a pcie3 card will work in a pcie 2 slot as they are backward compatible.However as i stated in my post you will not get the full benefit of the GPU. click here

  [DELETED] 09:07 07 Apr 2017

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