old monitor

  BODS 19:11 22 Oct 2003

can anyone help, my old pc when starting up in the dos/startup screen the data shown is not seen in the left hand side of screen.
Is this because the monitor is on its last leg!

thanks bods o/s wins982ed

  PA28 19:21 22 Oct 2003

If it's OK once it's warmed up (assuming it gets there by the time Windows has loaded), I wouldn't worry about it until it packs up. Monitors are pretty cheap these days anyway.

  TECHNODIMWIT 19:26 22 Oct 2003

could be your V-hold/size and H-hold/size require adjustment

  Djohn 19:36 22 Oct 2003

Use your controls on the monitor itself to adjust windows to perfection.

Then re-boot your PC and if you wish, pause each display as it comes up on screen and adjust, before moving on to the next one.

From now on all your displays will look fine as you go through the boot process. Don't worry. Altering each one will not affect the other. CRT monitors usually have at least 5 or 6 preset settings.This is best done if you have your graphic card set to "Optimal" for display.

When I had my CRT monitor it was set to auto. adjust for all resolutions giving an excellent corner to corner display, no matter what game or boot sequence was showing. j.

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