old man new computer cant run cover disk

  wyn285 19:34 29 Jun 2006

trying to load recordnow getting
error applying transforms.verify that transforms paths are valid.bet its my fault any help thanks in advance

  johndrew 19:51 29 Jun 2006

Sorry, I don`t understand. Which cover disk and which program or application are you trying to run?

Most cover disks start automatically, i.e. put it in the DVD/CD player and wait for the screen to open and follow instructions.

  Jackcoms 20:28 29 Jun 2006

First lesson re cover disks (or any software, come to that):

Don't even think of loading it unless you really have a definite need for that particular program.

Do you really want to clog up and slow down your PC with programs which might sound interesting but, more often than not, you'll never use?

  wyn285 20:32 29 Jun 2006

sorry august issue and trying to run recordnow.it will start but error applying transforms, message comes up. thanks for repling so quick

  wyn285 20:36 29 Jun 2006

thanks just need a programe thats easy to use.heard this one is basic but easy

  namtas 22:52 29 Jun 2006

I have a possible solution for your problem here but it relates to MS Office 2000 click here you confirm that is it RecordNow by Roxio Burn and Copy software that is throwing up the error message

  ade.h 23:07 29 Jun 2006

RecordNow is by Sonic, not Roxio.

It is indeed easy to use and is very effective. It is not what I would describe as basic; it simply avoids falling into bloatware territory by handling much the process automatically.

  ade.h 23:07 29 Jun 2006

...much OF the process...

  wyn285 07:32 30 Jun 2006

sorted, thanks alot everybody.you cant believe how great it is when your new to be able to ask and actualy get replys and they work,for basic tasks thanks again

  namtas 09:14 30 Jun 2006

>>RecordNow is by Sonic, not Roxio>>

Which is a Roxio Consumer Product.

click here

  wyn285 10:07 30 Jun 2006

written on disk roxio recordnow deluxe le
would that have stoped it in the start

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