old laptop parts - are they re-usable?

  eysha 13:51 14 Aug 2008

I have an old laptop, an I FRIEND, which became useless as the monitor started to seperate from the body so it was too dangerous to use further.
My question is can i add the memory to a new laptop? it is 512 and made by Kingston if that helps. Will it fit into another laptop, and if so which make of laptop?
Also is it worth keeping the battery, which is GP Batteries for use with anything else and if so what can i use it with?
Seems a shame to throw it all away if i can re-use parts.
Thanks in advance

  pk46 13:56 14 Aug 2008

No to both of your questions computers have come a long way in 3 years or so.

  eysha 13:58 14 Aug 2008

How do you know it is 3 years?
Are you saying it is better to just dispose of these items as they are of no further use?

  jack 14:04 14 Aug 2008

Those of us that dabble in and build stuff
have boxes of things we are loath to throw away in reality non of it is any value what so ever.
Harddrives/Cd drives/ Fans/Power supplies perhaps the odd memory strip are worth hanging onto but the rest especially lappies - are best binned

With your machine the bits worth keeping are
Battery if viable with any new machine
The Power supply - ditto
The hard drive because with the acquisition of an IDE/USB cable ans power supple- it will make a useful back up storage device.
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  eysha 14:08 14 Aug 2008

Thanks Jack. I will keep the hard drive and battery and power supply as you suggest and bin the rest.

  Halmer 14:10 14 Aug 2008

where there seem to be loads of 'spare or repair' laptops that fetch a few quid.

  eysha 14:11 14 Aug 2008

unfortunately i have never dealt with ebay but it is a good idea. thanks Halmer.

  Ditch999 14:33 14 Aug 2008

If its only the screen thats faulty whats wrong with using it as a thin client and hooking it up to a monitor? Does it have a VGA connector?

  eysha 14:36 14 Aug 2008

Ditch999, i cannot do that as the cables are exposed from lappy to monitor so once it is plugged in it is very dangerous apparently. I asked a computer shop and they said do not use.

  Ditch999 14:53 14 Aug 2008

Its easy enough to remove the "lid" altogether, along with the cables running to it

  eysha 14:55 14 Aug 2008

I am not that into computers and know very little indeed about them so i don't think i can do that - it would worry me. but someone else with that knowledge could i guess. thanks for the reply though. E.

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