Old laptop looks like it has TWO places to fit RAM?

  buel 22:19 17 Oct 2014

Hi, I know this sounds odd but please bear in mind that I know next to nothing: I am trying to help speed up a friend's laptop. I have got rid of various viruses, malware, etc but I looked to add some RAM and seen, what looks like to me, two places to add RAM? Please see here, it looks like Desktop RAM: click here, it looks like I can add laptop RAM but there seems to be a wire stuck with heatsink paste? click here can I ask what these are?

Here Please

  Woolwell 22:22 17 Oct 2014

Make and model of laptop?

  lotvic 22:26 17 Oct 2014

What is the make and model number of the laptop?

  rdave13 22:37 17 Oct 2014

Bin it if not happy with the performance.

  buel 22:47 17 Oct 2014

It's an Advent 7062. Running XP. Currently has 768 mb of RAM.

No, you misunderstand, the improvement is substantial....I just would like to add RAM but I am curious as to whether it does have two places for two different sizes of RAM. So, from the images, does it?

  Woolwell 22:50 17 Oct 2014

See mrmemory

  buel 23:00 17 Oct 2014

Thank you.

However, I still dont understand why it seems to take Desktop modules and provide space for smaller laptop modules?

  rdave13 23:20 17 Oct 2014

If the ram modules are sill available (most likely expensive if you can find them) have a look here .

PC3200 DDR SDRAM; max 2 GIG.

Singing words of wisdom.... let it go.

1]: [click here

  rdave13 23:24 17 Oct 2014

Can't believe the link to crucial still works on that old site. Wonderful.

  buel 23:54 17 Oct 2014


But I can't let it go....it's not mine to let go....! Oh I believe in...the Advent. :)

  rdave13 00:36 18 Oct 2014

When I'm dead and gone.

The Advent is no more...

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