old laptop can't see cdrom - continued

  skaggle 02:50 11 Nov 2003

A few weeks back I wrote these pages of this prob.
Its an old Tosh 510CDT and at the tme I had no floppy drive so couldn't run MSCDEX. Now I have a floppy drive that swaps with the CDROM.
Now I can run MSCDEX fom A: or C: but however, the laptop still cannot find the CDROM! Note I have a partitioned drive C and D, so would expect to see CDROM at E:
Bios can boot from HDD, FDD and Second HDD. No mention of a CDROM.
Any advice that gets this thing working would be most welcome.

you dont mention how the cd-rom attaches, but MScdex wont run a PCMCIA drive you need to instal the drivers for the specific drive.

best bet if you are trying to instal an OS is to go in via the parallel port and run the cd on in your Desktop. ONCe the OS is on the laptop its much easier to get the CD-ROM configured.

  skaggle 17:38 11 Nov 2003

Thanks for your response horiz5.
The cd drive, or floppy, plug into the laptop's single 'accessory bay'.
I don't quite follow going in by the parallel port on the desktop. Are you saying to read the w95 disk in my desktop pc and write the C in the laptop via the parallel ports?
How would I do that? Reading the desktop from the laptop. A copy *.* from where??

you'll need a parallel cable to connect your Desktop to your laptop. then you need to instal Interserver from the w95 (or w98/oldmsdos folder) onto the desktop, you could do all this with it booted from a floppy. you then need to instal Interlink (from the same place) on the laptop. you will then be able to see the CD-rom drive on the desktop probably as something like F or G . you can then just run setup on the laptop via the parallel cable and once the OS is on the laptop it is much easier to instal the correct driver for the plugin CD-rom.

  skaggle 18:03 11 Nov 2003

Is that possible? Ok let me toss this around and see what I can come up with. Give me a while now, it probably won't be this side of Friday. I'll come back ad let you know.
Many thanks for your help.
Best regards

It does work, I had to do the same with a Toshiba110 that had a pcmcia cd-rom drive that i couldnt configure the driver for in DOS. it,s a little slow and long winded but definitely works and you have all the software to do it on the w95 CD. a parallel file transfer cable only costs a fiver and is very useful to have around when youown an old laptop. Good luck with it.

  skaggle 18:08 12 Nov 2003

Hi horiz5. I have delved into ms-dos and pulled the help files on intersvr and interlink. I see the concept - but I have a basic problem. I cannot find on the W95 or W98 CDs the md-dos .exe files to copy to floppy to create boot up disks. I am sure I am missing a basic point here as its not every day of the week I go into dos. Can you advise?
Also, the software link in your last posting just blank screens.
Best Regards

  skaggle 10:00 15 Nov 2003

Its clear that the only way to overcome this problem is by
1)following up with horiz5's suggestion of linking desktop to laptop via a parallel cable. I would have taken this route except I didn't have the ms-dos modules, or
2)borrowing w95 on floppy disk (28 in all).
I was lucky here as once loaded with this and then W98, all was too easy and the Toshiba 510CDT is now back to life.
Many thanks to Horiz5 and others who advised in my earlier posting

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