Old laptop, boot from CD?

  SirMetal 22:52 16 Mar 2010

Hey guys, I have another question for you lot.

I have an old laptop:

IBM ThinkPad 600
Intel Pentium II @ 300mhz
160mb (I think, and is also the limit) RAM
2 or 6gb HDD (I can't really remember)
CD-ROM drive (but NO floppy drive)

Basically, a few years a go my copy of Windows XP went wrong on this laptop, so to put it right I used my friends Ghost disc (which was a stupid idea, different manufacturer, completely different drivers... I was young and stupid back then.)

This wiped XP of my system.

About a year later (when my PC knowledge had vastly improved) I tried to reinstall Windows XP on this laptop, but to no avail.

Basically the BIOS is so old that it wont allow me to boot from CD's not even USB's (however I can from a network?)

It will only allow me to boot from either the HDD or Floppy drive (which I no longer have and do not really want to invest in this laptop)

Do you guys have ANY idea as to what I can do to bring life back into this old OS? I don't care what Operating System I put on it, whether it be Windows or Linux. I just want to be able to update the BIOS via an operating system.

So any ideas guys as to what to do?



  howard64 14:57 17 Mar 2010

if you could remove the hard drive you could possibly connect it to another pc and load from that.

  SirMetal 16:37 17 Mar 2010

Thanks for the reply howard64. However, I have nothing that will fit this hard drive. My other old Dell laptop has the same size HDD but uses a different connector at the end.

Any other suggestions?

  howard64 16:54 17 Mar 2010

if you could connect the laptop to your other pc/laptop you could possibly make a separate partition on the hard drive and copy the xp files to that partition. You could then use the setup on the partition to install xp to the main partition.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:20 17 Mar 2010

"Basically the BIOS is so old that it wont allow me to boot from CD's"

you should be able to set the BIOS to boot from CD on this model, the CD drive must be in the drive bay when you access the BIOS.

  DieSse 20:01 17 Mar 2010

I wouldn't have thought there would be much life in XP on such a laptop.

Better to try something like Puppy Linux. click here

  SirMetal 07:44 18 Mar 2010

"Do you guys have ANY idea as to what I can do to bring life back into this old OS?"

Sorry I meant "into this old LAPTOP"


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:47 18 Mar 2010

I run one of these for work.

Plug the CD drive into the drive bay and boot to BIOS. BIOS will see the drive and you can select the CD drive as the first boot device.

  T0SH 14:36 18 Mar 2010

The IBM TP600 models will boot from CD if you enter IBM Easy Setup by pressing and holding down the F1 key while you switch it on

Once you are in easy setup click on the Start Up icon then the Power on icon will open up another window where you can see a graphic showing the presently set boot order , to make changes first click on the Reset Icon to clear it then choose the boot devices from the second row in the order you want, then click OK at the bottom left then Exit then Restart then OK again to finish

Linux Mint runs reasoably well on a 600E albeit rather slow to boot but once it is there it functions fine for most tasks like surfing the net etc

Cheers HC

  T0SH 14:55 18 Mar 2010

Ops just remembered before you install any version of Linux be sure to disable the Fast or Quick boot option in Easy Setup otherwise you will not get any sound functionality in Linux apparently it causes conflicts ?

Cheers HC

  SirMetal 17:50 18 Mar 2010

Thanks everybody for your suggestions, it is working now.

The weird thing is, I just tried to boot from a CD for the first time today (without editing any of the BIOS settings) and it loaded :S

It's strange that it didn't do that years ago!

There's still no CD option avaliable in the BIOS though.

If you're wondering what OS I installed, it was Windows 2000. I tried countless distros of Linux on this machine and none decided to install correctly. I had a spare copy of Windows 2000 lying about so decided to install that (:

Thanks again for all of the help you guys.

Now, I just need to know how to stop getting electric shocks off of the old thing (it's covered in exposed metal).

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