Old keyboard - new keyboard - help!

  tolly2 23:19 07 Apr 2004

I have just bought a new usb keyboard. It has installed ok. When I restart the pc with the old keyboard disconected from the keyboard port, I get an error "keyboard error or no keyboard present". If I reconnect the old keyboard it then boots ok. The usb keyboard works fine once windows has started. How can I get rid if the old keyboard and still boot up the pc? (I have win XP installed)

  AndySD 23:23 07 Apr 2004

You may need to boot into the BIOS and enable the USB keyboard fron there.

  hugh-265156 01:10 08 Apr 2004

try enabling "usb legacy support" in you bios maybe.

  tolly2 23:02 08 Apr 2004

If I enable usb legacy support in the bios, and only have the usb keyboard connected, the boot up starts but stops before the windows start up screen appears.

  hugh-265156 23:26 08 Apr 2004

not sure at all,try this:

start up the computer with the old keyboard connected then go to control panel/device manager,right click the ps2 keyboard if its listed and select uninstall.

shut down the computer,plug in the new keyboard and switch back on.

if your computer is having problems detecting some usb devices maybe updating the motherboard chipset drivers may also help.but most usb keyboards should work fine with xp.


  tolly2 23:53 08 Apr 2004

Uninstalling the ps2 keyboard then restarting with the usb keyboard instead has worked. Thanks huggyg71

  hugh-265156 00:10 09 Apr 2004

yay! glad it worked for you. :-)

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