Old ISA cards

  Ex plorer 20:59 15 Jun 2006

Hi as I am interested in older PCs most of them that I have need Modems Ethernet sound cards etc as I continue experimenting.
Any one tell me what the 26 pins are for on the old sound and Graphics cards are used for they show which is Pin one.
Any one know of a site where I can find out more about the old ISA cards etc.


  Pamy 22:43 15 Jun 2006

Try typing in ISA in Google

  brundle 22:51 15 Jun 2006
  DieSse 23:00 15 Jun 2006

On sound cards they are usually for an old type of CD interface - from memory, I think there were three types, for three different manufacturers standards.

On graphics cards, they're for add-on graphics features - I never saw one of these actually used.

  DieSse 23:05 15 Jun 2006

Grafix card feature connector click here

See Mitsumi, Panasonic and Sony connector pinouts on sound cards. This was before there were IDE CD-ROMS.

It's not impossible that some sound cards actually had IDE connectors too - they are normally marked on the card as to which they are.

  DieSse 23:06 15 Jun 2006

Sorry - link for the sound card connectors. click here

  woodchip 23:11 15 Jun 2006

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