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  Janet-201707 06:49 05 May 2005

Dear All
Can anyone provide a solution to this one? A friend of mine who is new to computers and running an old PC with Internet Explorer 4 on it. HE HAS NO INTERNET CONNECTION. Yesterday he purchased an HP scanner, but cannot load the software for it as a Windows IE box, keeps appearing to say he has to update IE to 5 or more. I have IE 6 on a cd-rom, but it won't load up for him, for the same reason. Is there a way round this??????


  Diodorus Siculus 07:34 05 May 2005

You can download earlier versions of IE from oldversion.com and install it. Or if you prefer, I have version 5 and .5 on CDs here can drop it in the post to you.

  octal 07:36 05 May 2005

What operating system does your friend have? It's possible that IE6 won't work on it if its Win95 or Win98 the original version. You may have to put IE5.5 on instead, you should be able to find that on a utilities disk somewhere, I can't find where to download it off the Internet at the moment.

  octal 07:41 05 May 2005

Old version site doesn't seemed to work anymore, bt I've found a download here: click here

  Janet-201707 14:17 05 May 2005

Thanks for your response and help in trying to solve this riddle.
I have just burned the IE 5.5 to disc and tried it on my old PC, for I too have the same problem trying to download certain Proggies to it, PaintShop Pro, for example and I cannot load that, as I am not connected to the Internet on that computer, and get exactly the same message as my friend is getting. What I do not understand is, why do you have to have version 5 or higher of Internet Explorer to download software for a scanner to get it to work????? We did not have this problem with our scanner when we bought ours. Most people did NOT have an Internet connection then, so why do you have to have one now to get the scanner up and running.
He's running Windows 98se by the way.


  octal 15:39 05 May 2005

Certain programs require certain elements within Internet Explorer to enable them to work, a good example is MS Office, it just won't work without a version of IE installed, I know I've tried it. It sounds like that scanner program is the same, often the supplier of the software supply a version of IE in the installation disk if they are feeling kind.

Having said that, it might be worth looking at the files on the installation disk to see if they have included a copy of the correct version of IE on there, you never know.

  Janet-201707 18:32 06 May 2005

Hello All

Went to HP website and downloaded the drivers for this scanner, burned to disc and tried it on my old computer and it loaded up, no probs. Went to my friends PC hoping it would do the same. Na!!!! Same problem with screen about IE update needed, preventing set-up. Checked what version of Windows he is running and it Windows 98, NOT 98se that I am running, so can only assume that this is the cause of the problem. Thanks everyone for your help.

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