Old installation CD

  collinsc 08:13 21 Aug 2007

Ok- so I should be getting my laptop today…

Ordered it with vista and no Microsoft package.

I have my old dell CD’s…
Operating system: reinstallation cd, msoft windows, xp professional including service pack 1 a and
Drivers and utilities: for reinstalling dell inspiron system software.

I assume the second one is specific for my old laptop- but can I use the first cd to a) windows, and b) remove vista for XP?


  ventanas 08:24 21 Aug 2007

In a word - No.

  collinsc 08:34 21 Aug 2007

DOH! Not even to install word/excel?
why not..? i paid for it... my old laptop messed up... so i want to use it on my new one...!

  ventanas 09:10 21 Aug 2007

Just think about it, you have answered your own question. The second CD (with the drivers) these are for your old machine. The new machine will have drivers for Vista. You have no driver disc for XP devices for the new machine.

Also how did you acquire Word, Excel etc. If they are retail versions then you have no problem at all with these. Older versions will work with Vista, just install them. And despite what many may say, to go back to XP is a retrograde step. Vista is superior in every way. I do not understand the blinkered atitude of many on this forum. All I can say is that they have never tried it properly.

  ventanas 09:13 21 Aug 2007

To clarify, if your coies of Word etc were supplied with the old machine, then they are very likely OEM versions, which ties them to the machine they were supplied with. It's a common misconception that people actually pay for software. They don't. What is paid for is a licence to use that software for as long as the terms of the licence are adhered to. Break the terms you lose the right to use it. Ownership of software always remains with the developer/vendor.

  collinsc 12:52 21 Aug 2007

SO... would it be risky to try and load this cd and get windows off it?

  wee eddie 14:14 21 Aug 2007

If you try to install that on your new Dell you will end up with a lump of Kack.

I am not saying that a teeny hacker could not get it all to work, but it would be; (a) breaking the "Eula" terms; and (b) take a lot of your time and requiring a considerable level of knowledge.

  collinsc 15:10 21 Aug 2007

cheers- NOT worth a go then!

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