old IE address book

  andrew-194461 15:42 12 Aug 2004

had to upgrade system to cope with BT broadband, as BT made a real mess of things, went to XP( another story there)

was advised to fit new hard disc to replace old 10Gb one with a 40Gb the 10Bb is still in as drive F with C being the new one.

Having got myself on broadband using the new disc - things much faster now !! - BUT all my address,s are on the old drive and I can't find them ANY IDEAS??


  rawprawn 15:49 12 Aug 2004

When you say you can't find them, what do you mean. Is your old hard drive accessible. You should be able to copy everything over to your new C: drive. Is C: drive the master, and F: drive the slave?

  andrew-194461 16:00 12 Aug 2004

thanks for reply rawprawn

F is slave and c is the master I can open the old drive up by using the control panel and can find almost all my old files etc and they all copy across in the expected sort of way

I've seached using the obvious like address book etc but no luck

am i just being thick or is there something obvious that I'm not doing


  xania 16:39 12 Aug 2004

I assume that you mean Outlook Express address book. If so, I have found that, no matter how many version of the address book you have, they all contain EXACTLY the same thing. Reinstalling your OS wipes it completely, from every partition on every HD attached to your system. The only resolution I've found is to save the addressbook either to another media (tape, zip disc or CD - but make sure the media is not in the device when you run the reinstallation) or using something like click here.

At this stage, from my experience, if you can't see it - I'm afraid its gone.

  beeuuem 16:47 12 Aug 2004

Have you done a search for *.wab on the 'old' drive?

  andrew-194461 18:46 12 Aug 2004

THANKS XANIA - Yes i did mean OE and you rather confirmed what i thought i had done


  andrew-194461 18:47 12 Aug 2004

will try that beeuuem thanks worth a go


  andrew-194461 18:53 12 Aug 2004


I did have a copy on my zip drive - but that won't run on Xp - will try your click here



no joy but thanks anyway

  xania 09:22 13 Aug 2004

Why won't your zip drive work in XP? My wife has no trouble with her's although the data was a problem. 98SE allows you to create a compressed Iomega file which XP cannot process. You need to get to a 98SE installation, download the compressed file to hard disk and, without opening OE, then COPY the contents back to the zip drive. XP should then be able to read and accept the files. Alternatively, of course, if you have a dual boot system..........

Good luck!

  andrew-194461 18:17 13 Aug 2004

thanks xania
I used to have 98SE but was advised to move up so tried ME but the problems i had with SE persisted that when I went to XP!!!!( I think that my old computer system etc was unable to cope with all the things I had put on it and also to cope with the BT broad band - sometimes you learn the expensive way - I've now been told SE would've coped fine - just needed to upgrade processor and memory and unclutter all the other things that i didn't use but didn't do anything about, 10 Gb disc only had 649Mb space left

back to your original question it said it would not support it

so will try to go back to the set up I had and try again

in the mean time using 'phone/snail mail to contact friends and ask them to send me some mail

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