Old IDE harddrives.

  polisher1 08:27 22 Dec 2007

I have a number of old small (1.2, 4 Gb etc) harddrives I've removed from some of my first computers as I've scrapped them and upgraded them and I want to get rid of them. I'd seen these leads to connect an IDE drive to a USB socket so for what it cost I got one thinking I can look in the drive and get rid of any info in there, I've installed the drivers, hooked up the power lead connected it to the desktop via the USB lead all the lights are on the harddrive is running and hey presto nothing. Can't find the harddrive, I'd expected another icon in "My Computer".
Now then, I recently bought a 2Gb SD Card and XP refuses to recognise that via the card reader, am I experiencing the same thing in that XP is refusing to recognize a storage device over 1Gb? If so can anyone point me in the direction of some thing I can do to get XP SP2 to see these drives. Thanks. Merry Christmas to all.

  skidzy 08:44 22 Dec 2007

What does Disk Management say ?

Start and right click My Computer / Manage / Disk Management.

  Diemmess 09:39 22 Dec 2007

Any old HD where all you want to do is avoid any personal stuff being accessed by others?

Large hammer and ideally a cold chisel. Apply with vigour, then bin it.

  polisher1 10:47 22 Dec 2007

As much as anything I was curious to see what was there, and to wipe them for recycling.
Disk management is not showing anything

  Diemmess 11:19 22 Dec 2007

If XP is running normally then it shouldn't need any special drivers.
What about other USB devices (Printer etc.), are they behaving normally?

It seems like a corruption of USB controllers.
You can list these in Device Manager, (at the bottom of the list).

Simply delete All the USB controllers.
Reboot and XP should automatically find and rebuild all of them in working order.

Can you not find a spare IDE data cable and HD power lead, Then piggy back one old HD at a time as a secondary HD.
It doesn't have to be screwed in place as long as it won't swing around and move when running.
You will need to reset the jumper as Slave or CSL (it is probably Master from the last time it was in a computer.)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:26 22 Dec 2007

make sure the jumper on the drive is set to MASTER before using an IDE to USB interface.

If not the drives will not show in Diskmanagement or My computer.

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