Old HDD & contents to a new PC. How?

  Kalb 10:49 27 Jun 2004

Not wishing to be without a working PC while upgrading I have built a new PC which is up & running with only 98SE installed. Now I want to transfer the total contents of my old hatd drive also with 98SE, to the new PC.Can I insert the old HD in the new PC in place of its HD ?...will it boot?...or do I insert old HD as slave in new PC and use Drive Image or some such to transfer contents to the new HD...some advice would be most welcome

  jimv7 10:53 27 Jun 2004

Connect old drive on its own, in place of cd/cdrw on the secondary channel, boot pc and you will be able to copy all old drive contents to a folder on the new drive.

  prima12 10:59 27 Jun 2004

Just putting this thread into 'My Postings'

  pj123 11:31 27 Jun 2004

The way I would do it is:

Put the new HD in the old PC as a slave, make sure it is detected in the BIOS. Boot the PC and go to Start, Run and type in

xcopy c:\*.* /e/h/k/r/c d: and press enter.

When that has finished shut down the PC take out the new HD and install it in the new PC as a master. Boot the PC. You will get a few prompts about finding new hardware and so on (because it is probably a different motherboard to your old one). Just cancel them all until you get to your desktop. Once there re-install all your drivers from the CD that came with the motherboard and any other drivers like sound, graphics modem etc.

  Kalb 13:09 27 Jun 2004

pj123...is the space at the end of xcopy......./c d: intentional ?
Funny it never dawned on me to take the new HD and put it in the old computer !!

  pj123 13:26 27 Jun 2004

Kalb, There should be a space between the *.* and /e and a space between /c and d:

  Kalb 13:32 27 Jun 2004

Thanks pj123....I assume that i should remove the 98SE from the new HD and so provide a blank formatted drive for the copy

  pj123 13:56 27 Jun 2004

Kalb, I always start with a blank formatted disk but I am told it is not necessary. But to be on the safe side......

  SEASHANTY 15:38 27 Jun 2004


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