Old hard drive as "slave"?

  Skulkin 18:49 21 Mar 2005


Old pc... 96MB RAM :-( 40GB pentium 166 Win98SE
New(ish) pc... 512MB RAM 40GB intel celeron 1.8Ghz WinXP Home

I've just acquired the 'new' pc

Is it possible to somehow remove win98se from my old hard drive then use it as a slave to the newer one, keeping all my documents/programs/stuff etc. intact?

Or is WIN98 uninstall unnecessary?

Or is there a far easier way to go about things?

Anyone got any clues?

Much appreciation & thanks in advance.

I'm going out now, but I'll check back tomorrow



  jack 18:57 21 Mar 2005

No probs - just slap it in.
Done the same with a donated P11 for my daughter.
Took the drive from her old P1 and slapped it in
Now a slave with all her suff on it.

Dont forget to change the jumper though


  Skulkin 13:12 29 Mar 2005

All done & working fine thanks.
So much faster :o)

Just wondered though....

Is it poss to free up the space taken up by 98SE on my 'slave' hard drive now that XP is the boss on the master?

Cheers again


  jack 14:37 29 Mar 2005

Of course
Its just 'files'

Just take 'em out like any other


  pilate 14:37 29 Mar 2005

ok I go into bios on boot-up, deselect primary master (not installed) select primary slave (auto)and reformat your old hard drive, then re-partition if you like..

  Storik 14:43 29 Mar 2005

If you transfer all the files from the old hard drive to your new, you can then format the old drive, without losing them. You can then use your old drive for storage. Once formatted, you can always drag and drop the files into folders on the old drive.


  jack 11:44 12 Dec 2005

Landsoak asked by the yellow envelope- the following
Just read your reply in the forum about using a redundant hard drive as a slave.Which pins do I put the jumper onto?At the moment the jumper is on the bottom row of pins on the second 2 in from the right.Thanks.
The block of pins on the drive to set its status
has usulally a diagram eith printed on the lable or stamped into the metal ajcent- simply follow it.

. . .
. . .

sl cs ma

In this case you need sl

The sequence can very but the routine in the same.

This query came to me by the Yellow envelope
please use that facility for queries- keep it to the forum- in that way we can all learn.

More over I may pass duff gen- and if its on the forum it can be corrected but someone who is wiser then me

  jack 11:48 12 Dec 2005

Use of envelope- I should have said

This query came to me by the Yellow envelope
please DO NOT use that facility for queries- keep it to the forum- in that way we can all learn.

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