Old Games and New PC's Don't Mix! Can we slow 'em?

  [DELETED] 20:52 22 Nov 2003

Hi, I am having problems with some of the older games for my PC. My machine is rather high spec now, and when I run older games (UFO: Enemy Unknown, Theme Park etc.) they are unplayable because they are running far too fast.

I tried putting their in-game speed setting to minimum but they were still unplayable? Is there a patch for the games above to slow them down or is there a program I can download that will help.

Somebody told me to open loads of applications to slow the machine itself down, I tried running upto 30 different programs but to no avail!!

Cheers ppl.

  [DELETED] 20:57 22 Nov 2003

I have a flight sim for windows 95 It played fine on my old AMD K6 500MHZ

now I have a P4 1.7GHZ it wont play in fullscreen

Definately agree old games new pcs dont mix

  powerless 20:57 22 Nov 2003

click here - I have NOT used it.

..Be careful.

  [DELETED] 21:01 22 Nov 2003

Dont know of patches btu i can tell you how xcom finishes if you like,lol and yep it does go like a bat out of hell specialy the walking bit i think it a dos based game so maybe if you tweak a dos window you may get it to run ok.


  [DELETED] 21:07 22 Nov 2003

 ÑÌÇKÑÂMË, it is ok, i have completed it about 5 times, I just found it again it is one of those games you just have to play again. I found the globe screen most annoying, by the time i hit intercept, the ufo is gone!! haha

Cheers powerless, I will give it a go and let you know, if it doesn't work properly I will have to back date the machine...

  [DELETED] 21:10 22 Nov 2003

LOL,and then when u do get the bliters they kill your plane :-(.Well i can tell you the updated version UFO afrermath will run ok lol but it dam hard.


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