Old Games, New Graphics Card Issue

  wednesday 13 23:20 01 Jul 2012

Hi, I play a lot of PC games, old and new, and have had no problem running anything in the last year or so with my setup. However, since the last Nvidia update, many older games no longer run, each giving an error along the lines of there being no accelerated graphics hardware or no graphics drivers.

I have attempted to re-install my older working drivers via all methods, all guided by the Nvidia support team, however, nothing is running these games. The only option left is the either re-install windows or hope when windows 8 is released I can resolve the problem, but both are inconvenient.

I have noticed a trend, whch seems to be involving specific developers, for example, old microsoft games don't run, but lionnhead games from the same era with similar specs work.

I have attempted fixes that normally get these games running with this issue, but it is obviously a conflict with the actual graphics drivers that has caused a problem. Also, DirectX isn't the problem, which most forums seem to lead to, as all these games previously ran, and some even require DX9.

Has anyone else had this issue or know any way to resolve the problem?

PC Specs: CPU: i5 quad core 3.1ghz Graphics: Nvidia 520gt 2gb Memory: RipjawsX x2 4 GB DDR3 OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

  shizznet09 03:08 02 Jul 2012

bump... i too need a solution help!!

  ICF 07:23 02 Jul 2012

Have you tried reinstalling the games that won't work after the installation of the new graphic card driver.

  wednesday 13 08:50 02 Jul 2012

I have tried re-installing and all typical fixes for the games after re-verting back to the original drivers, but this doesn't resolve the issue

  ICF 09:15 02 Jul 2012

Are the games up to date with the latest patches?

  KRONOS the First 10:18 02 Jul 2012

What games are you having problems with?

  wednesday 13 11:16 02 Jul 2012

As I said, I have attempted all typical fixes, but with the age of the games, a lot only have patches to fix minor glitches that occurs with newer hardware, most of which being 5 or more years old.

The games I have installed currently that I'm having problems with are Midtown Madness 2, Microsoft Pinball Arcade, SimCity 4, Postal 2, and I whacked in Fifa 07 as I knew that was based on an engine EA had used for years and that didnt run either

  wednesday 13 11:21 02 Jul 2012

I've just tested Casino inc. doesn't either. If it helps, older ones that do work are Black & White 2, The Movies, Swat 4 and Max Payne

  KRONOS the First 11:47 02 Jul 2012

I have just installed American McGee's Alice which is around twelve years old and no problems on Win 7 64BIT GTX 670 with latest drivers.. I must admit most of my older games come through Steam and barring the odd tweak they all work fine. So it is a bit tricky knowing what to suggest although each game must be consider separate when trying to solve why they are misbehaving.

Having a quick look about Google I found that Midtown Madness 2 should work on Win 7 with Patch 1.1

Found this for ,SimCity 4 and Windows 7

Postal 2 have you tried running in compatibility mode?

This for Fifa 7 and windows 7

I expect you have tried these fixes but as I don't know what you have tried I have posted the above.

As this ridiculous website has deemed one of my links to be spam I have had to remove them. If you copy and paste the game name and Windows 7 in to Google hopefully you will find what I found.

  wednesday 13 11:55 02 Jul 2012

Thanks for your help, I already had the patch for midtown madness as it had a huge graphical glitch with Nvidia cards anyway, Sim City 4 will run without hardware acceleration, but it looks like Windows 98 in 16 colours mode, and I have tried everything with various compatability settings, os, visual themes disabled etc.

  KRONOS the First 12:04 02 Jul 2012

One way would be to dual boot your PC. Get a cheap secondary HDD and stick XP on it if of course you have a copy.

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