Old Fart needs more help

  R.C.M. 00:19 06 May 2006

I have now successfully retrieved my password and have schedualed task set to run defrag and disk Clean-up

I would also like my scheduled task to run the Error-checking utility to check my check disc local disk can anyone talk me through the stages please.

  rdave13 00:32 06 May 2006

To be honest I don't like scheduled tasks as I like to do them manually. Defrag for instance can make problems. Maybe a diary of things which you might want to do may be better. Even though Microsoft's update are set to automatic I still check up manually and sometimes find that there is a hardware update for my system which I could have missed.(Non critical)

  R.C.M. 00:41 06 May 2006

I've spent most of the evening trying to get the Scheduled Tasks to work and a grater part of the day trying to remember my administrators password to get it to work also.

I thought it would be a good idea to have scheduled programs when you get to my age remembering things can be a wee bit sticky.

You have to remember to defrag, remember to diskclean, remember to back-up all your files, check for viruses etc.

I thought if I had some help there would be less of a chance at forgetting and running into more problems because I forgot.

  rdave13 01:03 06 May 2006

Sometimes a biro and notebook are the best scheduled reminder available to us. Also private and guarranteed virus free. Maybe some surprising update for your own settup from Microsoft is worth the manual search. If you have a firewall, an antivirus program and a few antispyware programs then a manual update search, say twice a month, should be good enough. As for defragging then I wouldn't be too fussy, sometimes it helps but mostly, I think, it is a waste of time as the hard disks are so large today.

Regards, Rdave13

  R.C.M. 10:42 06 May 2006

Hi Rdavel13- I'm sorry for taking so long to reply to your advice. I have thought it over and have decided to take your advice, I will carry on doing manual P.C. cleanup's as I think I would be happier and more confident that the job has been done.

Your advice was much appreciated.

  terryf 15:47 06 May 2006

Come on. You can't be that old that you can't remember to things :-) You will be telling us that you forgot to make a shopping list of things that you need to buy! As suggested about a paper calendar is, for me, the best way to remind me, mind you I do find myself opening a cupboard and wondering what I went there for

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