Old DoS Programmes

  HondaMan 11:06 18 May 2005

I apologise in advince if this topic has been covered before.

I have an old word processor programme, "Protext" which ran under DOS. I am trying to convert some old documents, created in Protext but I keep running into GPFs whatever I do and I think that this is probably graphics card related.

I do recall that sometime back drivers for Windows which enabled a simulation of the old Vesa graphics cards, which, in turn enabled programmes which used them to run under Windows were discussed on the forum and I believe that some were even available, but I cannot locate them.

Can anyone help please?

Many thanks.

  TomJerry 11:47 18 May 2005

Use "Open", under "File Type" pull down menu, select "Recover Text from any File (*.*)", then you can at leat get all text even all formats are lost

  TomJerry 11:52 18 May 2005

Running Protext under Windows XP

When Protext is run under Windows XP it fails with an error like this:

error code = 0000

Note that the other applications (Config, Convert, Fsort) work fine.

The reason for this appears to be that the DOS emulation in Windows XP has changed in some way that is incompatible with the 32 bit memory extender that Protext uses to access extended memory. Optimists can hope that this may be fixed by an XP service pack, but I doubt that Microsoft will consider it a priority.

Fortunately, there is a way to use Protext under XP and that is to use the 16 bit version of Protext. This has all the same features but does not use extended memory. However this does not matter much now – any computer running Windows XP will have plenty of memory for the swap file and fast hard disks for virtual memory so the 16 bit Protext works well.

Download Protext.exe (16 bit version)click here

click here

  HondaMan 12:32 18 May 2005

Many thanks TomJerry. I can now recover my lost files and re-save them in word.

Again, Many thanks

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