Old desktop running XP. Fan noise driving me nuts. Can i upgrade anything?

  Manchesterman85 20:08 31 Dec 2014

Hi all.

I have bought an old desktop PC that i have just setup at home and am trying to get the best possible out of it, but i do realise it is an old machine and its capabilities will be somewhat limited. Im not expecting miracles of any sort, just trying to get an idea of where my expectations need to end.

All we really want to use it for is browsing the internet, using facebook, youtube, emails, word processing, watching the occasional movie would be nice, pretty much general stuff, no gaming.

The PC i am on is a HP pavillion, with a u]Gypsum MS 71 74 motherboard /u HP w19 ([email protected]) HP w19 ([email protected]) Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family (HP)

[u]PSU[/u] It has a 300W max output power supply.

[u]RAM[/u] 2 x 1GB of RAM. (2.00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 266MHz (4-4-4-12)) (It would be great to know whether i can put in more than 2gb of RAM, on the motherboard spec it says max approved memory is 2GB by HP, does this mean i could get away with anymore at a push or no?

[u]Processor[/u] Intel Pentium 4 519K Prescott 90nm Technology

One 160gb harddrive with SATA connection and another 120GB with the other connection (long wide cable) sorry dont know what it is called?

I am running it on Windows XP Pro service pack 3 (I know i know, its years old, but im used to XP and i like it, i tried windows 7 on it and it seemed to go so much slower i persumed this was down to hardware and i prefered XP anyway so went back to it)

It does ok-ish for what i use it for, a bit slow/choppy watching youtube videos sometimes, but the noise of the fans are driving me nuts. I downloaded a program called speedfan and saw that my CPU temperature is around 62C with just my browser open writing this post, but can go up to 80C when viewing youtube. The CPU fan speed when it goes to 100% about 4500RPM and the other small fan at the back is around 2800RPM, i cant watch a video or listen to music because i cant hear it over the fans. If i drop them both down to 60% its much nicer, but doing this manually in speed fan seems that it adjusts itself still and goes faster which means im going into speed fan every couple of minutes to turn it down.

Ive gone into BIOS and there arent any settings i can change for my fan speeds.

Im not sure what the problem is, could it be my actual processor, is it getting hotter than it should, or could my fan just need replacing? Ive took the fan and heatsink off, cleaned all dust off, spun the fan manually, and it doesnt sound noisy, but obviously im not spinning it that fast.

Would i be mad to throw any money at this machine?

It didn't cost me alot of money, i paid £50 for the PC with a keyboard, mouse, 19" monitor and speakers. I know its fairly old but if possible would like to get it running as well as possible and would be happy to buy a cheap-ish graphics card if it would make a big difference, more RAM or a faster processor. I have looked on Ebay and as its quite old it seems the parts are fairly inexpensive, if i knew which was compatible.

Thank you very much if you took the time to read this post. Happy new year to you all. Mike

[u]Graphics[/u] I

  rdave13 20:27 31 Dec 2014

Would i be mad to throw any money at this machine? Yes.

Possible reason for fan running at Concorde speed is that the internals will be clogged up with dust. Remove all sources of power and take off one side of the case. With a new small paint brush, brush off the dust from everywhere, including the cooling fins on the CPU, while holding the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner near-by. Just be careful when you do this so take your time.

From the back of the PC take the right hand side panel off.

  iscanut 20:44 31 Dec 2014

I agree, a good dust removal can sometime work wonders, as I have found out !

  wee eddie 21:22 31 Dec 2014

I can only add: If your fans are still a little noisy, a drip of 3in1 on their spindles can work wonders.

XP is no longer that safe on the Internet, even with a first class Anti Virus, so it would make sense to store any personal information on an External Drive.

  wee eddie 21:29 31 Dec 2014

If you are set on still using it. The first update you need to make is to W7.

After doing that you can upgrade more or less any part you can buy but don't expect much of a hike in speed and you won't be disappointed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:51 31 Dec 2014

Apart from dirt fan noise is caused by speed i.e. faster it turns more noise it makes.

Replaceing case fans with larger ones will help reduce the noise

  mole1944 07:50 01 Jan 2015

Take it outside get yourself a can of air (I kid you not ) and safer than a brush with metal parts,blow out all the crud then oil any fan spindles you can find inside the machine. Be careful if you lift of the CPU as you'll need to clean it and put heat sink paste on it when you reinstall it,but in general blow out the dust and lubricate any bearings should do the trick.

  wee eddie 12:39 01 Jan 2015

mole1944: I'm in total agreement.

I take the PC into the garden, put the Hair Drier on an extension lead and use a 1" Bristle Paint Brush to dislodge any stour that the blower hasn't

  Manchesterman85 12:47 01 Jan 2015

Thanks for the replies. I'm in the middle of getting all dust off with a small brush, and had an idea to test out. I took the fan off the heatsink and stuck two wires in the pos and neg of the plug, connected it to my 12v caravan battery and it was just as loud as it normally is. Can't hear the Tele. Thing is it doesn't sound to me like the bearings but maybe I'm wrong, it just sounds like a very fast spinning fan but I'm sure nobody put up,with that even in the days when xp was new. I found a old cpu fan same make (AVC) it's about 10mm smaller though and wiired that to caravan battery, so so much quiter. It's a 3 pin fan though as oppose to the noisy one which is 4, so I'm not sure if a. I could just plug it in and leave one pin free on the mobo and b. If it would be giving the old cpu enough air. I did notice the thermal paste between cpu and heatsink was quite hard and crappy, worn away. I'm going to replace that paste, and think about getting a cheap fan the same size and quieter. The one I've got is supposed to be 23 dB -34 dB I'm just not sure if it is faulty or noisy generally. I don't mind spending a coouple of poundjoust not going to spend much on the system generally. Maybe I'll try the oiling it somebody suggested too.

  mole1944 13:10 01 Jan 2015

Cheers wee eddie we always come up trumps,by the way Manchesterman85 don't upgrade it you now have a learning machine and if all things go pear shaped, we're always here to help and you.So you see you're already learning about your machine and at no cost.

  Manchesterman85 13:19 01 Jan 2015

Thanks matey funnily enough I was just thinking the same thing, I might in the future build my own have always wanted to do that and I'm learning things playing with this one and although I don't want to, it wouldn't be the end of the world financially if I knackered something up being an old system. I have just learnt that there is a fan inside the PSU, that ones filthy I've tried to clean it through the vents but not happy with it once I've managed to get inside I'm gonna clean that off and test it on its own too to check noise level.

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